eBook Release – Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle

Free eBook – Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle
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Summary: What is there that characterizes a solid Corporate LMS, other than its features? Upon agreeing on this, you will see that Moodle is a platform that is surely included in the above-mentioned category. Lambda Solutions testifies with this here edition, in favor of this truth, by highlighting Moodle’s features that make corporate eLearning easy and effective, giving you six strategies for implementing them as well.

Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle In Corporate eLearning

Talking about leveraging strategies is one way to put it, but what is included in here is pretty much all you need to know on how Moodle can be successfully implemented for corporate eLearning. Dealing with the basic categories for dividing it, Lambda Solutions lend a helping hand for every corporate use you decide to make of Moodle.

eBook Release: Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle
eBook Release
Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle
Discover the best ways to utilize Moodle, the world’s leading open source Learning Management System.

License-free, widely used, and basically simple, Moodle’s usefulness can very well extent from the, considered to be, main usage of university eLearning. Learn how it is done in many industries and numerous stages of the L&D process. Furthermore, find out all the issues an LMS should be answering. Moodle surely does it, as you can read in Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle.

About The eBook

Corporate eLearning and Moodle are two concepts that go beyond trends and, even more, work well together. Be sure not to miss out all the valuable insight on strategies that can lift compliance, competency, seamless, product and service eLearning, hiring interviews, and forming communities to another level through Moodle. Here are the contents of the eBook:

  1. Delivering And Managing Compliance Training In Moodle
  2. Leveraging Moodle For Competency Training And Management
  3. Seamless eLearning Course Development In Moodle
  4. Leveraging Moodle For Product And Service Launches
  5. Utilizing Moodle For The Hiring And Interview Process
  6. Forming Communities Of Practice In Moodle

Though it is hard to find something that Moodle can’t do, we’ll shed some light on how the implementation of corporate training is done, by utilizing this platform. Numerous assessment choices, some even automatically graded, make compliance training an easy task. Options for feedback are available too.

Moving on to competency-based training, you’ll be pleased to find out the specified features of the Moodle Outcomes Module. It provides an excellent system for defining, tracking, and assessing employee competencies. Match individual competencies with job competency models, and you put talent in the position that will make it flourish.

Moodle enhances seamless eLearning. Synchronous and asynchronous activities are integrated and encouraged. The sharing of the content can go on in ways other than those of formal learning, and all types of learners can succeed in your eLearning courses. Mentorship, communication/collaboration, and virtual learning are methods that show the way.

By all means, Moodle is also a great way to illustrate to your employees what your company, and its products and services represent. Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle, includes references on Module like the Course, Glossary, Chat, and Database Activity Module, that can prove of great assistance.

Beware, the hiring and interview process is one that could turn out to be tricky even for employers. You will find a good use for Moodle even there, as you can receive screen resumes and assess applications through it.

Lastly, there is one thing that you should definitely look into, regardless the size of your company, and that is the cultivation of corporate culture. Guess what; Moodle is here to make things easier one more time, by providing tools for building up communities and promoting teamwork. Moderators, Wikis, glossaries, and a library database of references are in the service of your community of practice.

If you want to gain valuable knowledge of these six strategies for leveraging Moodle for corporate eLearning, download the eBook Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle today.

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