List Of Free Android Apps For Children With Special Needs

Free Android Apps For children With Special Needs

With the following list of Free Android Apps for children with Special Needs you can:

  • support communication based on images,
  • describe emotions or showing typical facial expressions,
  • show correct social skills,
  • practice the pronunciation of spoken language and much more.

This post was a suggestion by Sumi after she read the:

  1. List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 1 - Total 40 
    • General Special Needs
    • Autism
    • Basic Skills
  2. List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 2 - Total 18 
    • Behavior
    • Books (regular, audio, and interactive)
    • Choice Board and Schedulers
    • Early Language Development
    • Taking Turns
    • For the Teacher
  3. List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 3 - Total 20 
    • Speech Therapy
    • Vision

If you know a Free Android App for children with Special Needs that is not include in this list I highly encourage you to leave a comment!

33 Free Android Apps

  1. AAC speech communicator
  2. Alexicom AAC for Android
  3. ATEC
  4. Autism Ed
  5. Autism MindAwakener
  6. Autism-Spectrum Self-Diagnosis
  7. AutismXpress
  8. Behavior Status
  9. EasyKidTokens
  10. Facing Up All Smiles
  11. Gabby Tabs – AAC for Kids
  12. Handroid Widget
  13. iToucan Talk (Autism)
  14. JABTalk
  15. LangLearner Speaker
  16. LearnFruit
  17. Life Skills Winner
  18. MessageTTS
  19. MyVoice Communication Aid
  20. Reward Chart / Lite
  21. Sono Flex / Lite
  22. SpEd Edition-eCOVE Software
  23. TapToTalk
  24. TASUC Schedule / Lite
  25. The Habit Factor Goals Habits
  26. Touch and Go - Speak
  27. Touch-n-Say
  28. Understanding Body Language
  29. Visual Auditory Timer
  30. Visual Countdown Timer
  31. VizZle Player
  32. Vocal Slides
  33. ZacZoo/DTT/Autism / ZacZoo2 / Lite
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