eBook Release – Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist: Select The Right LMS For Your Organization

Summary: Perhaps you are afraid that you may find yourself too deep into the LMS search, that you can’t get out. We live in times that Learning Management System solutions grow on trees, and the task to make the right choice for your organization weighs heavy on your shoulders. If you want to do the job not relying on external consultants, but still don’t know where to start, Knowledge Anywhere’s LMS evaluation checklist is here for you. Shorten things out, get practical about it, and the selection will fall into place.

LMS Evaluation Checklist – Select The Right Learning Management System For Your Organization

Imagine that you wouldn’t have to list for yourself all the possible features of an LMS, so that you have them right before you, to see what you need, want, or like. To stop imagining, all you have to do is download this Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist and start working on it. Once they are all written down, you realize that they may be many LMS features to consider, but as long as they are organized, in four categories for our case, they don’t bring frustration.

Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist: Select The Right LMS For Your Organization
Discover how to select the right eLearning training solution for your organization based on your unique needs.

By using this checklist, you can compare up to 3 LMS vendors. It will offer a comprehensive picture of how well they score on your must-have features. What will also show, is which LMS offers a fuller solution, if your top choices all grade well on the features that are non-negotiable. Put the budget factor into the equation, and the LMS that fits will come to be somewhat obvious. If they are still more than one, you can thank Knowledge Anywhere for helping you acquiring a position where you can ask for more, and see which vendor is willing to treat you best.

About The eBook

Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist has an explanatory introduction, and after that you are smoothly set in the position to start filling up your list. The features are divided by the categories of Administrative Experience, Learner Experience, Support&Training, and System/Other. There is also an “Importance of Feature” column, that in most situations proves very helping. My hopes are that your compass points to a solution that is affordable by your organization. In any case, this procedure will reveal the LMS that suits you better.

Nobody likes complex and time-consuming processes. Life has it that you bump on them once in a while. There is no avoiding it, but there sure is helping, so that you save time and peace of mind. Along with all the goods that eLearning evolution brings, there is one thing I can live without. I bet you guess that this is the selection of an LMS. Luckily, this is where Knowledge Anywhere comes in.

This Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist looks like a simple thing, at first glance. What’s even better is that it will always look simple, every time you look at it! Unload your troubles here and get on high-speed to reaching the final choice for the most suitable LMS. Prioritizing is made easy with this list. Plus, the features written down here seem to be leaving no one outside.

Types of training, methods of learning, different kinds of courses, tools and applications offering various levels of user experience, marketing assets, are some of the features you can check. There are even sub-categories, to make the whole thing even easier. You get to rate how much you need features for support, software or course management, and learner experience. This is the way for the right LMS for your organization to be described!

If you want to discover a neat and organized way to weed out the possible solutions and find the LMS (and its budget) that suits your organization best, download this eBook today.

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