What LMS Reports Give You A Hint Who To Promote

3 LMS Reports That Can Actually Give You A Hint Who To Promote

What do we usually track with our LMSs? Scores, learners’ progress, overall performance, and often that’s it. A new article from iSpring about LMS reports states that there are a dozen major metrics we need to look at to better understand what’s going on with our eLearning project. In this article, we’ll talk about those metrics which help you reach your HR goals.

1. User Rating

The sad truth is that usually people don’t really like to study, especially when training takes time out of their daily tasks or, even worse, when it takes place on Sunday. In this situation, a position in a leaderboard is not the only thing you need to consider to identify promotable employees, but it’s a good thing to start with.

User ratings help to determine self-starters in your team [1] and create a talent pool. Who is committed to mastering skills? Who has the strongest inner motivation for professional growth? If you pinpoint the person who is ready to put in some extra effort and learn something useful in order to do the job more effectively, he or she is definitely worth recognition.

User ratings help to determine self-starters

2. User Or Group Activity

If you need to, an LMS can turn you into a Big Brother who monitors whether the training is started on time and the number of slides a certain employee has seen at the moment, or compares the time spent on a course by A- and D- students. However, this type of report can be more useful for planning purposes.

After collecting some statistics, the LMS can calculate the average pace of learning for each course. With this information based on the behavior of real learners, you’ll set more realistic goals and timeframes for the next user groups.

Plus, you’ll notice if some users or groups are falling behind and send them friendly reminders.

Use a Group Activity report for planninng purposes

3. Attendance

We can’t deny that in some cases, truant hunting in corporate learning might make sense. The goal of 100% attendance is really tempting, and the easiest way to reach it is to make learning in your company compulsory. However, in the pursuit of high numbers, there’s a risk of mixing up the cause and the effect. By forcing employees to study, you may trigger resistance; that’s why we encourage you to monitor attendance for other reasons.

Attendance of each particular in-class or online training reflects the relevance of the topic, the quality of the course, and the popularity of the trainer. If two of these three points is missing, the attendance will be low.

An accurate count of how many people are attending training is also important for checking if there’s any correlation with their performance. Plus, if you’re monitoring who is absent, you can reach out to missing employees and find out what the matter is, get valuable feedback, and offer help.

As for the connection between attendance and finding your champions, there’s a popular concept of "lifelong learning" [2]. Those employees who prefer to develop their proficiency throughout their work lives can more efficiently keep up with changes in the workplace and contribute more to the company’s success. That’s why the willingness to acquire new skills and apply them in daily work is an integral feature of promotable employees.

Three metrics to check for high attendance rate

To Sum Up

In our changing world, willingness to learn is no more an optional thing that is just nice to look for among job applicants, as the general success of the whole company depends on the individual performance of each employee. The 3 LMS reports from this article can support you in your crusade against skill gaps and for developing talents. And if you’re looking for more useful metrics, feel free to read the full article about the 12 key metrics of successful corporate eLearning in the iSpring blog.


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  2. The Future Of Your Career Depends On Lifelong Learning
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