Top 10 Platforms To Master In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills Online

Top 10 Platforms To Master In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills Online
Summary: The material and sources we choose to study can change our lives completely. Here, we have to be extra cautious on education courses and study materials, especially when we study online. Thankfully, we live in an era of information where growth opportunities are just endless.

How To Master In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills Online: Top 10 Platforms

It is possible to succeed in any profession with the right guidance. Obviously, you have to be dedicated and passionate for studying, but it is possible to acquire the place you always wanted to be in your life. Today, plenty of educational websites are available online, but the question is which website is more trustworthy and valuable. At trusted websites, you are able to learn desired skills at your own time and schedule. There are also a few websites that offer certifications that are highly relevant in the global marketplace. In this article, we will discuss the most popular platforms to master in-demand digital marketing skills that will help you to stay competitive in the changing world.

1. JanBask Training

Are you ready to enhance your learning skills with a variety of training courses at JanBask? If yes, start your favorite training program with JanBask Training today. In JanBask we not only train people, but our certification programs make you ready to secure your dream job right away. You need to pay a specified amount to get enrolled for the particular course, but it is worth investing for a paradigm shift in your career. The training includes all the latest courses that have maximum job opportunities for the learners.

2. Simplilearn

This is a popular web source that offers online training and certification programs to people. These courses are specially designed to help students grow their career with the proper guidance. The website teaches you about trendy skills that are highly demanded by the industries, and training classes are given by experienced professionals only. To get more details on the course, check out their website right away or speak with the experts.

3. One Month

This is a trailblazing education platform with the agile approach. The website teaches about multiple digital skills that are completely result-driven and worth of investment too. You will be able to know about how to develop business strategies, how you can find your first customer, how to get a potential customer base for your business, and much more. You have to pay a certain amount to get enrolled for the special course available at One Month website.

4. CreativeLive

This may be the first choice for students, as CreativeLive offers free online video and photo tutorials for interested people. These tutorials are good for both beginners and professionals. The classes are theme-based and very catchy for the viewers. The best part is that all of the tutorials are available free of cost. If you want to see tutorials on-demand, then you have to pay certain charges or you can browse their upcoming video sessions.

4. Coursera

This is another popular platform for online learning that offers the most affordable courses from top universities. Today, the website has millions of students and thousands of courses to start your career with the right guidance. You can sign up for different courses like Digital Marketing, Business analytics, etc. at certain amounts mentioned on their website. These amounts are not fixed and they generally vary from course to course.

5. Alison

Alison is a very popular learning platform with a strong user base that offers free quality classes for students to make them ready for the workplaces. The website focuses on essential skills only needed by the top industries. One of the most popular courses is SMO, i.e. Social Media Optimization. Here, you would learn how to grow your business on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

6. Microsoft Virtual Academy

This academy offers free online classes to students who want to build their careers in digital marketing or any other popular medium. For example, if you want to enroll for IoT (Internet of Things), then start with Microsoft Virtual Academy right away.

7. General Assembly

General Assembly is an evolving education platform working with an objective of career advancements and career transformations. The website specializes in in-demand digital skills needed by the top industries. Fees for the course may be higher, but they assure best results at the end.

8. Skillshare

This is a learning platform for creators only. Anyone can watch video classes, create projects, and teach themselves as well. For example, Skillshare delivers wonderful classes on Email Marketing, as it helps you start from scratch. They will tell you how to plan an email marketing strategy and make it a success in the real world.

9. Hack Design

The website offers design courses on your selected topic. This web source works amazingly for the people who are interested in creative solutions. You will get tutorials in your inbox every week that will be handcrafted by some design pro.

10. FutureLearn

This is a top educational platform that offers learning programs from top universities and teaches more than 4 million students in the global marketplace. You can choose any of the topics to learn in-demand digital skills like Big Data, business analytics, etc. You will learn everything from scratch and you will help your career grow.

Final Word

So, we have discussed on top education platforms to learn in-demand digital skills during the year 2017-2018. Which platform would you like to choose to improve your career path this year?

I am sure that list of the platforms will definitely help you in making a fruitful decision on your next educational investment. If you have more suggestions or you think I have missed out something very important, then don’t forget to share your experience with me. I am always happy to hear from you!