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Asha Pandey is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 36 years of experience. After a successful transition to MPSi, which acquired EI Design in May ’22, she retired in Aug’22. Prior to her retirement, Asha was the Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design.
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July 14, 2022 | Sponsored

What Is Mobile Learning (mLearning)?

The post-2019 era is evolving as an era of rapid changes to business landscapes. mLearning is imperative for rapid upskilling/reskilling at speed. In this article, I show you the value of mLearning and how to apply it in the corporate environment.
June 23, 2022 | Sponsored

What Is Video-Based Learning?

L&D teams need to continuously raise the bar for trainings by providing engaging and interactive learning experiences. In this article, I show you the benefits and examples of video-based learning in corporate training.