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Paolo Leva

Speech technology, accessibility and eLearning professional
Paolo Leva. 15 years experience with speech technology, first as developer and then, since 2004, as Product Manager. Currently co-founder of a startup called, a cloud service converting presentations into talking presentations, by using TTS, and publishing them on the web. Always interested in finding new ways to use existing things, and in finding new perspectives on how technology is perceived, marketed, purchased and consumed. Amateur musician in the spare time, and proud father 24/7.
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December 14, 2012

Text-To-Speech And Presentation Voiceover, What Is The Real Question?

As eLearning professionals we need to build an arsenal of tools and the competence for choosing which ones are best suited for each project. When it comes to publish presentations online, Voice talents, home-made recording, Text-to-Speech voiceover, silent and self-explaining pictures are all tools at our disposals. We must learn how to use each one of them.