6 Questions To Decide If Mobile Learning Is Right For Your Organization

The Questions To Help You Decide If Mobile Learning Is Right For Your Organization

The evolution of how we live, work and access information now calls for a new corporate training experience. Embracing mobile learning can significantly extend the longevity of your corporate training and increase the ROI on your educational spend. Here at PulseLearning we answer the top 6 questions to help you decide if mobile learning is right for your organization.

1. Are Your Employees Time Poor And Find It Difficult To Slot In Training?

If your workplace is a fast-paced environment, employees may only have short windows of time to fit in training. A microlearning approach to mobile learning could make all the difference to ensuring training compliance requirements are met.

2. Do You Want Your Content To Be Accessed On A Mobile Device?

If your employees are on the move more than deskbound, providing training on mobile devices can provide flexibility and convenience for completing training when and where employees choose.

3. Do You Want To Create An Ongoing Training Resource Rather Than A One-Off Learning Experience?

A mobile learning solution can provide an on-demand resource that employees can access in the moment while performing work tasks. Mobile learning removes the need to memorize information since it can be always accessed.

4. Do You Need Learning To Be Immediately Applied On The Job?

Mobile learning allows for immediate application of knowledge on the job rather than being delayed until after completing eLearning or classroom training.

5. Is Your Content Suitable For Delivery On A Small Screen?

Your development team is responsible for a certain amount of this, but keep in mind that some training content doesn’t work well in a small format.

6. Is Your Training Content Subject To Frequent Changes And Updates?

If so, a microlearning approach to mobile learning can allow you to easily edit individual modules without taking the training completely offline. Learning assets can also be repackaged to create new courses.

Final Thoughts

Your answers to these questions will help you determine if mobile learning is right for your organization.

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