5 Ways To Add Flexibility To Your Mobile Learning Strategy

How To Add Flexibility To Your Mobile Learning Strategy

Yoga is all the rage right now. Downward Facing Dog, Crow Pose, and Handstand. Those are just some of restaurants I’ve been eating at recently thinking about how great it would be having increased flexibility. As we begin to realise the importance of mobile learning, the need for flexibility will become increasingly important to engage its users. Here are just some of the weapons you can add to your mobile learning arsenal…

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1. Downloadable Documents

Mobile learning offers a Utopian world where you don’t have to be at your boring desk to view key training documents. They can be downloaded and stored away for future viewing. This allows your learners to read the document where they want and at a time where engagement will be at a maximum. Apps such as ‘Pocket’ have gone a step further and you can now save useful webpages and pass them to your learners for offline viewing.

2. Apps

Apps are no longer just reserved for crushing candy or finding the love of your life and telling relatives you met in a supermarket. A whopping 50% of app users are downloading educational apps which means you have an audience of learners willing to learn on their mobile devices. Take ‘Udemy’ for instance, with over two million users they have now branched into organisational courses, geared towards corporate training. Thousands of courses are now available at the press of an icon; your mobile learning strategy would be lacking without utilising the ever-expanding world of educational apps. Appy days!

3. Podcasts

It’s like having a book in your head, without the need for a catastrophic library accident. Podcasts have taken the world by storm and can help your learners become truly mobile. The lessons you need them to learn can be digested on the commute to work, run in the park or when relaxing in a bubble bath. The ease of consumption is invaluable to both the content creator and the learner. Your mobile learning strategy will be ever so sad without podcasts to brighten up its day!

4. Video

Would you rather have 1 slice of cake or 60,000? It’s a no-brainer! Well great news for those after a slice of learning, video is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. This is a time saver as a video can convey the lessons you want to teach in a short 3-4 minute burst. Your learners can also download the video, allowing them to watch it at their convenience in an environment where they feel best equipped to engage with the subject matter. Go forth and create video content, your mobile learning strategy will be 60,000 times better for it!

5. Games

As the #1 Gamified LMS, it should come as no surprise that we leap for joy at the prospect of implementing games into your mobile learning strategy. Yes, we all loved Farmville, but where was the real-world benefit? I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MILK A COW! With a mobile learning game, you get all the fun of a game, learners level up their workplace skillsets and businesses go from strength to strength! Everyone’s a winner…except for that poor unmilked cow (what a catast-DAIRY!).

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