6 Ways Your Training Company Will Benefit From A Mobile LMS

6 Ways Your Training Company Will Benefit From A Mobile LMS
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Summary: Find out why a mobile LMS could be a fantastic addition to your training company!

How Your Training Company Can Benefit From A Mobile LMS

eLearning is designed to offer a more flexible learning offering to your students, and a mobile LMS gives them even more control over their learning journey.

If you’re trying to decide on the benefits of a mobile LMS, we’ve picked our top 6, and how they can benefit your training company and your students.

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1. Add Another Type Of Learning To Your Offering

Adding another type of learning to your learning offering is always a good idea because it increases your appeal to all your potential students out there. They may like the type of courses you offer, but if the learning delivery method doesn’t suit their learning style or their lifestyle, they may just decide to look elsewhere instead.

eLearning may also allow you to increase your course catalogue, as you will be able to purchase off-the-shelf content rather than having to create course content from scratch yourself every time.

2. Can Reach New Students

As we said above, there are a lot of reasons potential students may come to your website looking for training and then ultimately decide not to purchase from you:

  • The learning delivery method doesn’t suit their learning style.
  • They can’t commit to set times and dates for courses due to work/childcare/other commitments.
  • They live too far away from your psychical training location to be able to attend classes in person.

By offering eLearning as an option, you will open yourself up to a whole selection of students who may not have been able to attend before but may now feel that the training course would be well-suited to their needs.

3. Easier And Cheaper To Manage

eLearning isn’t just great for your students; it’s also a great move for your training administration staff as well!

eLearning can offer you a training method which is typically easier and cheaper to manage than classroom-based training sessions. Here are just some of the ways eLearning can make your job much easier:

  • Save on costs such as instructors, classroom hire, catering, travel, psychical resources, etc.
  • Don’t have to worry about using up your current resources such as classrooms and instructors, as you can run eLearning without any of these. This means you can add lots of eLearning courses to your offering and not worry about the impact it will have on your current training schedule.
  • Your LMS can manage students payments and sending course details to students automatically, so there is very little manual work created for your team.

4. No Limits On Student Numbers

eLearning is a great delivery method to add to your training offering because it gives you the ability to have as many students studying with you as possible!

Traditionally with classroom-based courses, you are only able to have as many students on a course at any one time as can fit into a classroom. You are also limited with the number of courses you have running at one time by things like the number of classrooms you have access to, how much time you instructors can work in a day, and how many resources you have access to.

However, with a mobile LMS, you don’t need to worry about any of this! As everything is done online, you have no physical limits on how many students you can have with you at any time. This means that you won’t be limiting your revenue and your profit, as you will never have to turn a student away who wants to do eLearning with you.

5. Students Can Learn How They Want

An important benefit of eLearning for your students is the fact they can learn exactly how they want to, and they don’t have to conform to a certain way of learning.

  • Learn in their own time
    Rather than having to attend set classes, students can learn whenever they feel like it. This means they can work their learning around other commitments they already have in their life.
  • Learn at their own pace
    Instead of having to keep up with the timeline an instructor has set for a course, eLearning means students can learn at their own pace. Whether they need to take a little extra time to complete something or they want to work through some bits faster than others, they can do whatever they want with eLearning.
  • Learn wherever they want
    Being stuck in a classroom isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time when it comes to learning. Some people like to relax or do something like listening to music when they learn and being able to complete their training courses in whatever surroundings they like will be an ideal selling point.

6. Students Can Learn On Any Device

Using a mobile LMS to offer eLearning to your students is a great idea because it means your students can learn on whatever device they feel most comfortable with. It also means if they don’t have access to a computer or laptop, then it doesn’t mean they can’t learn! Instead, they can use their smartphone or tablet to complete the eLearning.

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