6 Reasons To Search For A Mobile LMS With Advanced Reporting Features

6 Reasons To Search For A Mobile LMS With Advanced Reporting Features
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Summary: Here are just 6 of the reasons that a reporting system needs to be at the front of your mind when searching for the perfect mobile LMS.

Mobile LMS: Why Search For One With Advanced Reporting Features

Reporting is important in any type of training, but when it comes to eLearning, it can be essential as you don’t have much face-to-face interaction with our students. Therefore, eLearning will allow you to keep a close eye on your student’s learning journey and make sure you always know what stage your students are at.

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There are lots of features you may be on the lookout for when it comes to your new mobile LMS, but making sure you have a robust reporting system in place is one of the most important.

Here are the top 6 things your mobile LMS needs to be able to report on, and why it’s so important to look for an LMS with these advanced reporting features.

1. Number Of Students In Each Course

Being able to see at a glance how many students you currently have enrolled on your eLearning courses in total, as well as seeing how many students are on each course is a great feature of a mobile LMS reporting system.

Not only will it allow you to see how many students are involved in your Learning and Development activities, but it also means if you have a training deadline approaching, you can easily see who still needs to finish the training, and therefore you know who you have to chase for competition.

You will also be able to see how many individual training courses each student is currently enrolled on, so you can make sure students aren’t overwhelmed or overworked when it comes to internal training.

2. Course Progress For Each Student

Another great feature of a good reporting system is that it allows you to see the progress your students are making on each course they are signed up to. Reporting on course progress for each student means you will always know how your students are doing and will be able to see how much progress they have made between certain dates.

3. Time Taken To Complete Courses

While eLearning does allow for your staff to complete their training in their own time and at their own pace, you should still have a rough idea of how much time it will take your staff to complete certain training sessions.

Checking in on how much time it takes your students to complete each module should give you an idea as to whether they are having any trouble with the training, and perhaps if it’s taking them a little longer to complete than expected. If this is the case, then you may need to adjust timelines and deadlines in order to give your staff a realistic timeframe.

4. Sticking Points

In relation to the point above as well, being able to report on how your students are interacting with your training content can help you identify sticking points in your course content.

You will be able to easily spot if there are modules that students are skipping, spending a very long time on, or perhaps having to re-sit the assessment for multiple times. If you spot patterns like this across your students, then it may be worth taking a look at your course content and seeing where you could make improvements to make the experience smoother for your students.

5. Module-Specific Data

Not only can you get information on your training courses as a whole, but a good reporting system will also enable you to get more detailed reporting on a module-specific basis. This means rather than trying to make decisions about a course from more general course data, on the whole, you can dive into more detail and see where the problems may lie.

6. Assessment Results

Another thing that it’s a great idea to be able to report on from within your mobile LMS is assessment results for your students. Not only is it good to be able to report on the final assessment results to be able to see who has passed and failed certain classes, but this will also enable you to take a deeper look at any mini-assessments that you have in place throughout the course.

Having a greater understanding of mini-assessments is perfect for finding out how your students are getting along as they make their way through the course and checking for understanding where possible.

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