MOOCs For Employees Training As An Upcoming eLearning Trend

MOOCs For Employees Training As An Upcoming eLearning Trend
Summary: 160 employees from L'Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, completed this week the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Public Speaking”. Provided by Homuork, an ed-tech company specialized in MOOC development, and offered via, the experience backs MOOCs as an upcoming learning resource for companies.

Upcoming eLearning Trend: MOOCs For Employees Training

MOOCs joined the educational conversation already three years ago. Back in the time, our bet when we founded Homuork was that companies, as well as universities, would shift part of their learning to this new pedagogical model and switch from traditional e-learning to this modern collaborative learning. This week, when more than 160 L’Oréal employees finished our MOOC on Public Speaking, produced in collaboration with Prof. Cánovas from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, we realized our vision became reality.

At Homuork we’ve been working for companies, universities and schools for the past two years delivering COOCs and SPOCs. The Public Speaking course experience was our first actual MOOC: our first massive (25.000+ students), open, online course. To our great satisfaction, companies reached out to us and asked to use it.

Laurent Reich, Learning Practice International Director at L'Oréal, comments: “The 160 L’Oréal learners who participated in the Public Speaking MOOC were enthusiastic about the course’s outcome. Homuork provided learners with high-quality course content that was fun and engaging. This experience allows us to see the potential of MOOCs for offering a learning format to everyone and create a learning community.

Indeed, students’ feedback has been amazing and MOOCs are definitely becoming an excellent educational choice for big companies, offering higher quality standards than traditional e-learning at lower costs. We’ve seen it throughout our experience with major companies such as Ricoh, Danone or Unibail-Rodamco. Our clients for COOCs and SPOCs’ projects state 40% higher satisfaction rates with MOOC-based learning experiences than with traditional distance learning.

But beyond customized educational experiences, companies have now the opportunity to train their people offering external MOOCs, just like L’Oréal did, at almost no cost. Showing HR managers how to navigate through the MOOC arena, how to grasp the opportunity of offering employees personalized learning paths through MOOCs and help them to acquire skills and competences with existing top quality MOOCs is rapidly becoming a business stream for us. This is part of the game-changing panorama we envision for corporate e-learning in the months and years to come.