3 Must-Have Capabilities That Transform Your Moodle Reports

3 Must-Have Capabilities That Transform Your Moodle Reports
Summary: LMS reports aren’t always easy to read or easy to run. Here are three important ways Zoola Analytics transforms your Moodle reporting.

How To Transform Your Moodle Reports

Learning Management System (LMS) reports aren’t always easy to run or easy to read. While Moodle and other LMS provide basic reporting capabilities, the functionality has its limits and most organizations are left wanting something more.

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Zoola Analytics is a cloud-based reporting solution that allows you to transform your Moodle LMS data into meaningful learning and training insights in minutes. Zoola empowers your Moodle LMS to make reporting easy to use and easy to understand.

Here are three must-have capabilities that Zoola Analytics adds to your Moodle reports. Standard LMS reporting doesn’t always make it easy to find the data you want. You can find yourself digging around to find reports or struggling to get the data you need. Learners may have a hard time easily seeing how they are progressing through a module.

1. Meaningful Visualizations

The typical report exports LMS data to a CSV file. The data is captured, but it doesn’t meet people’s needs for readability or usability. The CSV file is clunky, crowded, and overwhelming to the eye. Making sense of the Moodle report takes time and effort, and there’s no way to get a quick summary-at-a-glance.

On top of that, out-of-the-box filters don’t always provide the options you need. If you’re trying to answer a specific question, your native filters might not isolate the data you need.

Zoola Analytics provides dynamic dashboards with visual data representations that present complex data in easy-to-understand graphs and tables. You can easily create visualizations that integrate multiple reports together into a single view. A greater selection of filters lets you drill down to get a more complete understanding of your data.

2. Automated Reports With The Latest Data

LMS data contains information that is time-sensitive and private. As a result, there are three perennial concerns surrounding LMS reporting:

  • AudienceWho needs an LMS report? There are various stakeholders within the organization, from learners to instructors to executives. But not everyone has access to the LMS, and many of them need your help running reports. It’s an interruption for you, and a pain for them.
  • Frequency—Because LMS data is often time-sensitive, it’s critical to ensure it gets shared on time. Some people will need their LMS reports weekly, while others will need them only quarterly. In either case, they’re counting on you to provide it when they need it.
  • Security—Not everyone should have complete access to all LMS data because much of it is private. You need to ensure that the right people are getting only the data they need.

Zoola’s automated reports ensure you send the right data to the right people, at the right time. The reports arrive where they can easily access them without asking for your help to run another report.

3. Embedded Reports And Dashboards Directly In Your LMS

As a result, embedded reporting is becoming one of the most popular ways of sharing LMS data. It allows you to access a report where you are and when you need it.

Zoola Analytics allows you to embed LMS data on any page, wherever people may need to see it. The data is displayed in the context of the page they’re on, at the point where they need it.

Embedding also automates delivery. Users are now empowered to run reports on their own and export them as needed.

With Zoola’s embedded reports, there’s no more fumbling around trying to find reports or viewing the wrong information. You don’t have to deal with data that’s spread out over multiple reports, or lacking access to the information you need.

Originally published at blog.lambdasolutions.net.