Advanced Reporting In Moodle & Totara, With Lambda Zoola

by Lambda Solutions

When the Learning Management System spread from the education market to the corporate sector in the mid-2000s, tech-savvy business professionals were quick to criticize LMS reporting functionalities. Fast forward a few years to 2009, wherein a survey from Bersin & Associates found that 45% of LMS owners described LMS reporting as their number one challenge. Today, according to a research report from Expertus, this number has nearly doubled to 81% leaving many to wonder why organizations have not jumped in to fill the gap.

Key Chapters

  1. Limited access to data

    Solution: Access to all of your data.

  2. Limited capabilities to analyze data

    Solution: Executive Dashboards, out-of the box
    Reports and custom reports.

  3. Limited options to present data

    Solution: Analyze, collaborate, and share data easily with automation and sharing functions. You can schedule and automate LMS report distribution, as well as filter and export reports.

  4. Too much time spent creating reports

    Solution: Quick and easy ad hoc report creation, with user friendly interface, and advanced capabilities.

  5. Limited ability to demonstrate the business value of learning

    Solution: Access powerful learning analytics that demonstrate learning effectiveness and provide insight to accurately understand where to invest in the future.

A big challenge for LMS report users is the inability to efficiently and effectively present their data. To address this, Zoola™ is equipped with a number of new presentation capabilities for reports.

While it seems that reporting is and will remain the number one challenge, concerning LMS industry, there is an old saying that goes something like: “you just can’t beat the person who never gives up”, and in Lamba Solutions there must be a bunch of these persons, as they have stepped up in this domain. Read this eBook for Advanced Reporting in Moodle & Totara, to know how Lambda Zoola has overcome crucial limitations about data access and analysis to demonstrate the business value of learning.

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