10 Online Training Certifications To Add To Your Online Training Program

10 online training certifications to add to your online training program
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Summary: Certifications give employees the power to track their own achievements and make it easier for your organization to maintain compliance. This article features 10 online training certifications to consider for your online training program.

Online Training Certifications Worth Adding To Your Online Training Program

Many organizations implement online training certification courses to monitor employee performance and encourage active participation. Their staff strives to earn the coveted certificate so that they can display their proficiency or prove that they’ve mastered a skill. Likewise, HR managers and department supervisors are able to identify skill gaps and ensure that every member of the team upholds company standards. The key is determining which online training certificates are worth the investment. These 10 online training certifications are valuable additions to any online training program.

10 Top Certifications To Consider For Your L&D Strategy

1. Management And Team Leadership

Your supervisors and department heads aren’t the only ones who can benefit from management certifications. In fact, everyone in your organization must possess leadership skills so that they can step up when the need arises. For example, they’re called on to manage the next project or help new hires navigate a challenging customer issue. On the other hand, team leaders should have access to more advanced online training certifications based on their job duties.

2. Health And Safety

Ensure the wellbeing of everyone in your organization and its customers/clients by implementing a health and safety certification course. This covers everything from how to handle emergency situations to waring the proper safety gear. In short, different departments face different challenges. Thus, you need to customize the health and safety certification requirements to accommodate their needs. For example, your customer service team may be able to skip the lifting machinery module that’s a must for your warehouse staff.

3. Product Knowledge

Provide your staff with all the product knowledge they need to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Once again, everyone should be aware of which products and services you offer, as well as how to handle them properly to avoid contamination and aid in loss prevention. Include quick reference infographics, demos, and videos that employees can use after they receive their online training certifications to refresh their knowledge. If you offer an extensive range of products, you may want to break it up into distinct modules or sub-certificates. For instance, one certificate encompasses a specific skin care line or software package.

4. Sales And Customer Service

Customer service and sales go hand-in-hand. For example, sales employees must be able to identify customers’ needs and expectations to seal the deal. Likewise, customer service staff must possess basic negotiation skills and product knowledge to provide superior customer care. Even employees who aren’t directly involved with customers or clients can benefit from sales and service certifications. For instance, they may run into a customer while they’re heading out for the day and need to politely refer them to another associate.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance online training certifications vary by industry, department, and position. For example, employees who work in the food industry must hold handling specialized certifications to ensure the well-being of restaurant patrons. However, virtually every sector has regulations or federally mandated laws by which they must abide. These online training certifications can help you avoid costly compliance violations and reduce on-the-job injuries.

6. Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion online training helps maintain a harmonious workplace and ensure that every member of your team is respected regardless of their cultural beliefs of backgrounds. A successful D&I program should expose employees to different viewpoints and foster related skills, such as communication and interpersonal abilities. From an HR perspective, your diversity and inclusion online training should also include anti-discriminatory policies. For instance, how to avoid bias during the hiring process.

7. Business Ethics/COI

Business ethics online training certifications involve a broad range of sub-topics. One of the most prominent being conflict of interest. Employees must know your policies regarding accepting gifts from customers and clients, as well as how to politely decline bribes from vendors and other external partners that threaten the credibility of your organization.

8. Time Management

Time management ties into virtually every job-related task. From working with customers to find the ideal product to managing long-term projects. Your employees must be able to complete the requirements in a timely manner to improve workplace productivity. Many organizations overlook this vital skill when implementing certification online training courses. However, every employee must be able to make the most of their time on the clock to boost your company’s bottom line.

9. Skill-Based Certifications

Skills are your employees’ most valuable asset. They give them the ability to handle on-the-job challenges and provide the best service to customers and clients. A skill-based certification can also instill self-confidence so that they’re more productive in the workplace. Bear in mind that skill certifications often involve activities that facilitate mistake-driven learning. Which offer employees the chance to immerse themselves in real-world situations and take risks to broaden their experience. Here are just a few skills you may want to impart through online training certifications:

  • Communication/active listening
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Organization/planning

10. Harassment Prevention

Another key compliance topic to address in your online training certification program is harassment prevention. Every member of your organization should be aware of company policies regarding peer interactions and anti-bullying protocols. It’s wise to include real-world activities to facilitate self-reflection. For example, employees can see how they respond in situations that involve harassment. They can also determine if they’ve been unknowingly violating compliance policies and remedy the issue immediately.


Is your current online training certification program missing one of these crucial courses? If you have trouble getting management buy-in when it’s time to expand your online training certification catalog, remind them of the many benefits it provides. For example, it improves employee retention, minimizes compliance risks, and increases eLearning ROI. Which all translate into a healthier bottom line for your organization.

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