8 Tips To Develop A Winning Certification Online Training Program

8 Tips To Develop A Winning Certification Online Training Program
Summary: Most online training courses are designed to impart skills and bridge knowledge gaps. Are there special considerations if the online training course requires a certificate at the end? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to develop a winning certification online training program for your organization.

How To Develop A Winning Certification Online Training Program

There are various types of certification online training courses. Some serve as a confirmation for industrial compliance, so their standards have to cut across multiple organizations. These kinds of sessions often include external examinations. Others pertain to company policy or other internal business operations that don’t require as much governmental oversight. Here are 8 top tips to develop an effective certification online training program that meets the requirements without boring your remote employees to tears.

1. Know Your Material

Online training courses aren’t always developed by industry experts. Sometimes, they’re put together by tech geniuses that haven’t directly worked within that specified sector. The risk here is they will put the online training course together using the theoretical knowledge that’s a poor fit for its function. Make sure your content development team has someone with practical, working experience in the relevant sector. This makes your certification online training course more applicable and effective. In fact, you may want to have a dedicated Subject Matter Expert on hand who is familiar with the topic and your target audience.

2. Have A Clear Outline

Many certification online training courses are created out of necessity. It may be a compliance requirement to avoid penalties or fines. If it’s a practical course, trainees may be more familiar with certain areas than others. A clear table of contents helps them glance through the certification online training course and see where to focus their energies on. Content pages are also helpful for quick revision before sitting a certification exam. They can refresh their memories and review topics of particular interest. The overview also helps for quick on-the-job reference.

3. Include Mock Tests And Previous Exams

Standardized tests are often issued following a quarterly, yearly, or biannual timeline. Industry experts might have access to past papers, and if this is possible, get the necessary permissions and include them as part of your certification online training course. It lends credibility and improves your corporate learners’ success rate. If past papers aren’t available, get someone familiar with the exams to set similar questions. This gives your trainees credible information that enhances confidence, reduce panic, and reassures them that they’re ready for the final exam.

4. Write A Detailed Appendix

Online training courses have a major benefit over physical courses. Study material can contain rich text and embedded links so that corporate learners can get direct and immediate web-based resources. Similarly, rich links and pop-ups can guide corporate learners to a relevant glossary or appendix. It’s a helpful revision guide. It’s also an easy way to program reference texts and supplementary material. As trainees progress, review their analytics to see what else you can add by way of reference. Expanding your appendix is a crucial, ongoing task.

5. Make The Fine Print Clear

This may seem counter-intuitive since fine print seems to be deliberately vague (and tiny). But in terms of compliance and certification, trainees need to know what’s involved. It could be a minimum pass mark or a mandatory number of study sessions. Maybe corporate learners are required to do a project or finish the certification online training course within a specific period. Maybe they even have a limited number of re-sits and a waiting period before each one. Make this all clear and remind trainees periodically. You can use pop-ups or light boxes to do so. This way, they won’t have any nasty surprises when they fail to receive their certification at the end.

6. Offer Refresher Modules

Because compliance certifications are renewable, trainees may need to review their certification online training course rather than starting fresh. Offer refresher courses for trainees that have previously been certified. It could even be a refresher chapter at the end of the regular course. Keep the refresher up to date by periodically reviewing the material and revising it to match new rules, regulations, or discoveries within the industry. You might even consider a microlearning online training library that employees can explore on their own time. Don’t forget to send out automated notifications so that employees know when it’s time to renew.

7. Consider The Legal Requirements

If you’d like your certificate or diploma online training course to be recognized, you may need it chartered. Alternatively, it can be ratified by your industry’s governing body, or by top employers in your sector. Ensure that your certification online training courses meet the legal requirements so that you’re fully prepared in the event of an audit. Check with governmental and industry boards to determine which regulations pertain to your company in order to stay in compliance.

8. Incorporate Interactive Resources To Improve Retention

Real-world activities give employees the power to apply what they’ve learned in a realistic context. For example, simulations allow them to use their newfound knowledge and skills to resolve a conflict or deal with a workplace hazard. As such, they’re able to prove their mastery and proficiency without any risks. Interactive resources also enhance immersion and engagement so that employees retain more information. Branching scenarios, serious games, and demo videos are other great resources to include in your eLearning course design.

Certification online training courses are crucial to your business’s bottom line and customer satisfaction scores. This is even more true if the diploma or certificate is essential for job performance or industry regulations. Trainees need a diploma or certificate to get a promotion, raise, or a new job. Their success rate is your greatest marketing tool, so make it easy for them to learn. You should also help them retain the information after they pass. Work with a content expert within that particular industry. Insert a clear table of contents and detailed clickable appendices. Offer refreshers and be direct about any course caveats, giving reminders and prompts throughout the certification online training course.

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