6 Tips To Launch Compliance Certification Online Training

6 Tips To Launch Compliance Certification Online Training
Summary: Compliance certification online training courses are essential to certain business segments, but they’re largely ignored by staff members. Can you launch yours in a way that builds buy-in?

How To Launch A Successful Compliance Certification Online Training Course

Marketing an online training course is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Compliance certification online training courses can be even more tricky because corporate learners see them as an annoyance. However, non-compliance can cost organizations millions of dollars in penalties. You want to convince prospects at two levels. You want decision-makers to buy the compliance certification online training course so that you generate revenue. But you also want employees to take an active interest so that companies get the best ROI and keep investing in your compliance certification course catalog. It’s possible to set this tone from the start. Here’s how.

6 Top Tips For Compliance Certification Success

1. Identify Niche Gaps And Organizational Pain Points

Once you’ve identified which compliance topic you’re tackling, identify gaps in that niche that aren’t already covered by the competition. You should also do some research into the most common violations or concerns related to that compliance issue. For example, you’re developing a compliance certification online training course that pertains to data security in the EU. Thus, you must consider the GDPU guidelines and how companies need to update their policies to stay in compliance. Are there any issues that usually arise during internal audits? What should organizations know about data security breaches and their far-reaching repercussions?

2. Compile A Multi-Talented Team

Thought you might be able to launch a compliance certification online training course solo. Having a team on-hand usually yields better results. Of course, you’ll need an eLearning Project Manager to head up the group. As well as a Subject Matter Expert who knows the compliance issue inside-out and can identify the takeaways. Then there’s the graphic designer, Instructional Designer, and other key players who actually develop the online training content and certification curriculum.

Another crucial position you need to fill is the marketing manager. Especially if you plan to sell your course online and don’t already have an established customer base. Schedule a pre-project meeting to ensure that everyone is aware of the scope, expectations, and milestones. You should also meet regularly to share status updates and discuss progress. An eLearning Project Management platform is a must-have for geographically dispersed teams.

3. Find The Right Certification Management LMS

You need a reliable LMS for compliance certification online training. Regardless of whether you’re launching it in-house or serving in the capacity of a training solutions provider. The LMS should come with certain certification support features. Such as certification management, tracking, and renewal notifications.

Other features to look for are: offline mobile support, multilingual, and tests engine. In addition to the LMS, you should consider investing in rapid eLearning authoring tools with built-in assets. They allow you to develop and deploy your online training content in a fraction of the time. Without having to invest in additional third-party resources, such as eLearning templates and images.

4. Create A Tangible Product

Remember this is a virtual product. So, you need a blended approach, with the bulk of your efforts focused on the web. However, something you may overlook is the certification itself. It’s a big course take-away, so you want to be sure it’s done right. Design it professionally and with a targeted scope – both to yourself and your corporate learners. It could be a verified certificate stamped by a regulatory body. Or a certificate of completion for in-house compliance administrative purposes. It might even be accompanied by a social clout badge they can pin to their LinkedIn or digital resume. Display the certificate template as part of your marketing material.

5. Build A Targeted Landing Page

It’s okay to have a press conference or an introductory seminar, but most customers will find you online. Develop an SEO strategy specifically for your compliance certification online training course. Your landing page is your keenest content marketing tool, so build it right. It should be light and load fast to lower your bounce rate. Keep it clean and uncluttered, easy to navigate, with no unnecessary information. Your landing page should have a user-friendly, jargon-free synopsis, a course outline, a link to a free demo, and purchasing details. The contents page and testimonials could be optional pop-ups.

Some customers prefer to have the price up front while marketers prefer to leave it deeper in. They want to sell you on the online training course before they sell you the course? Don’t forget to focus on the practical benefits of your compliance certification online training course. Highlight exactly which topics/skills it entails. As well as how it can help them avoid compliance penalties (and which laws/regulations it fulfills).

6. Consider A-La-Carte Options

Compliance certification online training courses have varying levels. It could be an automated activity required by your industry. Or it could be a response to updated regulations. Some organizations take it more seriously than others, practicing throughout the year. Others rush through the test at the last minute. The types of organizations that apply the rules consistently may not need (much) training. They’re already in the zone.

Offer a survey or self-evaluation where potential buyers can assess themselves. They require the certification, yes, but they may not need the entire course. Employees can pre-test to see if they qualify for the ‘test only’ version of the course. They can earn certifications at a lower cost since they already know the material. Free demos/trial chapters can guide this decision.


Compliance certification online training courses are taken for granted by most employees, but they can crash a business. As an eLearning developer, you want to show your prospects the value of your compliance certification online training course from the start. Create a beautiful, but practical, landing page and build your marketing efforts around it. Offer free demos and a ‘test-only’ version of your course. Prospects can pre-test and if they pass, it proves they don’t need the training. They still need certification though, so offer them the test-and-cert as a discount, to affirm their compliance.

An LMS allows you to develop and monitor your compliance certification online training course using a single tool. Find the ideal Learning Management System for your organization with the help of our exclusive online directory.