6 Tips To Gamify Compliance Online Training Courses

Summary: Compliance online training courses are not renowned for their excitement and entertainment value. However, serious games may just change all that. In this article, I'll share 6 tips on how you can transform your compliance online training courses into amazing gamification experiences.

How To Transform Compliance Online Training Into Amazing Gamification Experiences

Sitting in rush hour traffic, washing a pile of dirty dishes, getting a root canal, these are just some of things that employees would rather do instead of compliance online training. What if you could make boring, tedious, and dull compliance online training courses enjoyable? It may sound like a tall order. However, gamifying your compliance online training can make it not just tolerable, but exciting. Here are 6 tips that can help you turn your mandatory compliance online training courses into motivational and memorable gamification experiences.

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  1. Focus on realistic and relevant goals.
    The key to a successful gamification strategy is to concentrate on realistic and attainable goals that improve performance and develop skill sets. More importantly, you must integrate these goals into every aspect of your initiative so that it offers real value to your corporate learners. Be sure to specify these goals and objectives in advance and highlight the key takeaways beforehand. This gives your corporate learners the chance to focus on the core concepts and ideas while they are enjoying the compliance online training experience. A good rule of thumb is to carefully examine your compliance online training course during the final edit to ensure that every element, every character, and every plot twist is essential. If it does not serve the goals, then you may want to leave it out.
  2. Don’t overcomplicate the storyline.
    At one time or another we’ve all sat through a movie, book, or video game that has completed confused and befuddled us. The storyline was so full of twists that we got a headache half way through, or the characters were so complex that we lost track of who was who and their motives. This is one of the main reasons why it’s essential to keep things simple. This is not to say that you can’t get creative, but you should try to avoid plots that are convoluted or overly complicated. In fact, it’s best to offer just enough information to get them hooked, so that they can fully explore the subject matter.
  3. Offer immediate feedback.
    It’s true that gamification online training courses should be fun and entertaining, but the main purpose is to give your corporate learners the feedback they need to improve performance behaviors. If they are able to learn exactly what they did incorrectly and how they can fine-tune a specific skill, then they have the power to drastically increase their productivity on the job. Ideally, you should create a system that is based on gaming elements, such as badges, points, or leaderboards, that reward employees for their efforts. Corporate learners who excel and do their best will be given praise, while those who are struggling can receive invaluable feedback and guidance. When they answer incorrectly and or exhibit an unfavorable behavior be clear about how they can improve and offer them the necessary resources that can help. This can even be built into the compliance online training course itself. For example, an online scenario can let them know why their chosen path is not correct and provide links to eLearning articles or videos that can guide them in the right direction.
  4. Find out what drives your corporate audience.
    Gamification is only truly effective if you know what motivates your corporate learners. If they do not care about earning badges or points, then you may need to find an alternative reward system that does drive them to succeed. Just make sure that the rewards you choose are intrinsic in nature, rather than extrinsic. In other words, it should appeal to their inner motivation rather than external sources. Do some audience research to figure out what they want to learn, why they want to learn it, and how you can use this information to create a memorable online training course.  Compliance may be mandatory, but an effective gamification strategy will make your corporate learners want to participate instead of feeling like they are being forced to take part.
  5. Include a relatable character.
    It’s a proven fact that relatability makes online training experiences more powerful and memorable. If a corporate learner is able to relate and connect to the subject matter, they are more likely to absorb and retain the information. This is why it’s a great idea to integrate storytelling into your gamification strategy by introducing a character the corporate learner can relate to. Better yet, a character who stirs emotion, either positive or negative, and makes your online training course even more realistic. For example, you can include a dedicated salesperson as your protagonist to motivate your corporate learners and drive them to improve their performance.  This is also another benefit of corporate audience research. Learning as much as possible about their background and work responsibilities can help you create a character they can connect with.
  6. Concentrate on quality versus completion times.
    Instead of focusing on how quickly your corporate learners can complete the compliance online training course, it’s wise to concentrate on the quality of the online training experience. It’s true that time is money and you should keep your gamification online training course as brief as possible to avoid cognitive overload. However, if you need to make it a bit longer to fully explore the topic then you should not hesitate to do so. Keep in mind that taking a gamification approach improves the excitement and engagement factor, which reduces boredom. Thus, you can keep your corporate learners in their seats for a little longer without having to worry about the online training experience becoming tedious or tiresome.

Compliance online training courses don't have to be despised. In fact, gamification can reshape your compliance online training and transform it into an online training experience your corporate learners will never forget. It may even set the gold standard for all future compliance online training courses.

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