6 Notable Advantages Of Using Online Training Software For L&D
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Why You Should Use Online Training Software For L&D

eLearning courses have become a preferred choice for keeping up to date with learning opportunities. They contain a wide range of applications, from upgrading corporate certifications to getting a degree from home. They also allow learners of all ages and academic levels to study at their own pace. However, the corporate world makes its own value judgments, and they’re largely based on the bottom line. In the business world, if it isn't profitable it’s not worth doing. Is there an effective way to promote corporate L&D with online training software? Let’s look at 6 notable advantages of using online training software for L&D.

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eBook Release
A Step-By-Step Guide To Selecting, Implementing, And Maintaining Online Training Software
Discover effective ways to promote corporate L&D with online training software.

1. Increased Flexibility

From an employee’s perspective, one of the drawbacks of work is academic stagnation. It’s hard to get time off for studies, and this can lead to high staff turnover. Some of the best and brightest team members may leave employment so that they can seek opportunities for their own development. Employers are equally unwilling to lose office hours.

The online training software can solve both of these challenges simultaneously. It allows corporate learners to juggle work and school without compromising their jobs. They can study during their commutes, lunch breaks or after they put their kids to bed. They are able to study on their tablets, mobile phones, laptops or desktops so they have a wide variety of study options.

2. Reduced Travel Expenses

Aside from losing actual office time, traveling to and from class can be a burden on your staff. Employees may ask to get off work earlier or come to the office later, in order to accommodate their studies. If the online training course is sponsored or managed by the office, you would have to fund their travel expenses. You’d also have to find a way to cover their missed work hours. Once again, having in-house courses would resolve all these problems. Team members can study at their desks, which eliminates both travel costs and time off work. Their morale will be boosted because they will see that the workplace supports their progression. Studying at work also positions them for raises, promotions and internal upward movement.

3. Greater Accessibility

These days, corporate teams are global, with employees and offices all over the world. Nowadays with colleagues in the same office space there most definitely will be a mix of backgrounds and nationalities. This can make it difficult to reach them all at the same time. With online training software, employees in different departments, branches and time zones have equal opportunities. Online training courses are easier to accommodate than offline ones. For example, even though English is an international language, team members may prefer to learn in their native tongue. This makes it easier for them to absorb technical content. In traditional training, such a situation would require different classrooms, instructors and time slots. Online, you can switch the instructional language with a single click.

4. Customized Online Training Content

Language isn’t the only part of education that can be tailored. Online education can drastically reduce your development costs. You would only need to program it once, include modules and adjustable features. This way, different online learners can activate tools that are specifically relevant to them. For example, high school graduates may require a beginner’s level of a certain topic. Advanced degree holders can try the higher versions of the same eLearning content.

Similarly, one employee could prefer daily sessions while another might want weekly sessions. Self-directed tools may help them adjust the online training course to fit the time they are available. They can also select to skip topics they are already familiar with. They’re able to access additional online training resources in areas where they need extra attention. It’s much easier to do this online than in a physical classroom.

5. Personalized Online Training Resources

Learning and Development is largely data-driven. Using online training software for L&D offers a data cycle that flows both ways. Corporate learners can access extensive libraries, both inside the online training course and on the wider internet. Their study habits and patterns provide metrics and analytics that can be used to improve the online training course. This data is helpful both internally and externally. Outside the organization, eLearning developers can use that material to beef up their designs. They can cross-sell it to similar corporates, or use it to create new online training courses for your firm. Internally, the gathered data can help improve how the company is run. It helps management pinpoint corporate trouble spots and resolve them.

6. Enhanced Compliance Rates

One of the main drivers of corporate L&D is industrial compliance. Local regulations often require certifications and licenses that have to be periodically renewed. These licenses might cover security, health, safety, gender matters or even language needs. If you have expats on your team their compliance may be a requirement of their visa or work permit.

In the regular course of running a business, these matters can easily be overlooked. Using an online platform for training can help streamline departments. The accounts team will get reminders when licensing fees are due. They can get in touch with HR or admin, who can prompt individual employees to update their compliance. The whole process runs smoother because of it.

Learning and Development is a key part of smart corporate structuring. Taking the process online saves your organization time and money while increasing efficiency. Flexible schedules allow corporate learners to work at their own pace and convenience. Studying at work or at home reduces corporate travel costs and improves time management. Global employees can access online training content in their preferred tongue, and there are other customization options as well. Thus, online training software for L&D can help you retain your top talent and improve productivity.

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