6 Employee Fears You Can Overcome With Organizational Change Management Online Training

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Summary: Fear usually keeps us alert. It’s a basic human response that helps us act quickly and respond instinctively. But that fear can also turn into life-changing stress. So, how do you make changes in your organization without inducing a widespread panic?

Reduce Employee Struggles With An Organizational Change Management Program

Everyone is afraid of something, whether it’s an irrational fear of canned goods or of falling from great heights. But, virtually, everyone is apprehensive about change. It’s not the act, itself. It’s what comes after, how that change will affect our lives in ways that we haven’t even considered. Thus, when it’s time to switch things up in your organization, staffers are bound to feel uneasy. Even to the point that they make mistakes, lower productivity, or simply leave the company. It’s your job to make them part of the process and appease their worries in order to retain top talent. Organizational change management online training can help you eliminate (or minimize) these 6 employee fears.

eBook Release: Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown
eBook Release
Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown
Launch a change management program that is destined to be a roaring success.

1. Change

Change, itself, can be scary. Most employees like to settle into their job roles and master the processes. As such, the mere thought of change can incite panic among your team. This is primarily because the status quo is comforting. We know that we have to evolve and grow to be our best selves. But that doesn’t make change any easier. You can’t ignore human nature. However, you can outline the entire change management process so that the employees know what to expect. This also helps them understand that things may be in flux temporarily but that’s perfectly normal. They just need to maintain their calm and stick to the plan.

2. Unknown Outcomes

Employees need to know where the change is leading them. How they fit into the bigger picture and why you’ve decided to alter something about the organization processes. Unknown outcomes are one of the biggest employee fears organizational change management online training can overcome. It keeps staffers up-to-date regarding new policies, team leaders, and protocols so that they’re fully aware of the desired outcomes and the role they play in achieving them.

3. Lack Of Support

Another thing that employees worry about during times of change is that they won’t have a safety net to fall on. No support resources to guide them through the process and bridge personal gaps. They’re afraid that they won’t "make it" in the new work environment because they don’t have the skills or know-how. Which is why it is so important to launch a JIT online training library for continual support. Give them all the info they need to identify areas for improvement and remedy them discreetly. This library should also include online training tools about the changes your organization will undergo. For example, tutorials regarding the new policies or tasks.

4. Management Conflicts

Who’s to say that the current employees will get along with new managers? What if conflicts forced them to leave the organization or negatively impacted their work performance? Employees must be assured that team leaders are there to help them succeed instead of becoming yet another hurdle. Host live events to introduce new leaders to their department. Give them the opportunity to share their new vision and work practices so that the team knows what’s in store. This also allows them to determine if their personalities align with the new higher-ups. Or if they may have to adjust their approach to meet their expectations and avoid clashes. For example, the last manager may have used humor to deal with negative performance behaviors, while the new leader is more straightforward.

5. Challenging Policies And Protocols

Organizational change also deals with new policies and compliance protocols, complex regulations or processes that require a more detailed explanation and visual examples. This makes many employees second-guess their place in your organization and if they’re up for the task. An organizational change management program equips them with the simulations, scenarios, and demos they need in order to master every step. They don’t just memorize the rules. They learn how to apply them on the job and avoid common mistakes. Staffers no longer have to fear being embarrassed in front of customers and co-workers when they forget the process. Online training support is there to refresh their memory and instill self-confidence. Not to mention, to help them avoid asking a new manager for help—and losing face— instead of tackling the problem on their own.

6. Exclusion

Nobody wants to feel like they’re on the outside looking in. That they’re no longer part of the team after an organizational change. Effective change management online training makes everyone feel included in the transition. They’re able to attend live events to voice their concerns and participate in surveys to provide their valuable input. This is particularly beneficial for employees with special needs or for those who have been shuffled around within the organization. For example, an employee has been reassigned to a different department or role because an "outsider" took their position. Organizational change management online training allows them to build skills that tie into their new job duties so that they’re more self-assured. They may not have the same title, but ongoing support turns change into an opportunity for growth in order to upskill, expand their knowledge base, and gain more real-world experience.

Fear is a natural part of life, but only to a certain extent. It must be controlled in corporate settings to maintain positive working relationships and to keep employees cool, calm and collected during the transformation. Knowing about the most common staffer fears can help you alleviate the pressure and cultivate a positive work environment. Survey the team to identify their key stressors and sources of anxiety. Then let them in on the change management process so that they know what to expect during the transition.

Every organization must endure change from time to time, and this can be frightening. Download the eBook Overcoming The Fear Of The Unknown: How To Launch A Successful Change Management Program to discover how to launch a change management program that is destined to be a roaring success.

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