4 Common Pitfalls Of Redesigning Your eCommerce Website

4 Common Pitfalls Of Redesigning Your eCommerce Website
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Summary: Redesigning a website is a very hectic process for most of the developers, and even for business owners. Here are some pitfalls to avoid that can help you when redesigning your eCommerce website.

Redesigning Your eCommerce Website: 4 Pitfalls To Avoid

eCommerce is the new buzzword in business market. In today’s world where everything -starting from searching information to conducting corporate meetings to shopping- is a matter of few clicks, eCommerce is a growing industry.

"An eCommerce website is a platform where customers explore goods online, filter them as per their preference, choose product for shopping, add them to cart, and then pay for them online via using credit or debit cards, e-wallet, or internet banking. Products are then delivered to their customers' homes or they can also pick the purchased products by visiting stores". (Whatech.com)

For a business website owner to survive in this competitive environment demands a strategic planning and timely action. The big challenge for an eCommerce website owner is to know how to work out which areas needs development, and plan things that will help deliver maximum value.

An expert eCommerce web development company in India suggests to consult with retail clients in early stages, take time to listen and discuss where they are in their planning, and assess what’s driving decisions around product and service development. According to the company, here are the common pitfalls of redesigning of your website that you need to avoid:

1. Putting Customer Wants Second

Online shopping is increasingly gaining popularity among people these days. But, as a website owner it is too appealing to assume the role of the customer and make decisions on what content, features and functionality to prioritize. Without taking a step back to hear and think what customers feel, you just run the risk of investing in things that are least important.

Before you invest, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the insight reliable (evidence-based)?
  • How will the business benefit with this step?
  • Is the research too influenced by (often persuasive) people in the organization?

2. Incorporating Too Many Features

You may think adding features will enhance the customer experience. But adding features needs a very smart approach. To begin, identify the features that are going to make the biggest difference to your customer, and your business. Out of these prioritize what is feasible, both in terms of resource and time. You should also prioritize features based on both customer and business needs. It will help you to come out with a plan that is measured and set for success.

3. Copycatting

Picking things you like from competitor’s website is a worst situation one can image when redesigning a website. It is quite understandable to make sure you offer the same features as your competitors because it will help you stay updated. However, the right approach is to find the right moments in context of the product or service you are selling to give that little bit extra.

4. Letting Fear Rule

No matter how carefully you plan things, there is always an element of risk. It is quite an understandable fact that not everyone is going to like what you are offering as your services. It may take a few visits for customers before they come around. And, it is ok. Don’t panic, since establishing an online business will take time and efforts. eCommerce store owners are incorporating new strategies and techniques to establish and market them digitally.

Redesigning a website in retail sector is not easy. A number of factors such as multiple stakeholders, seasonal pressures, and, of course, customers need consideration when it comes to redefining a website. Taking services from a professional eCommerce web development company will help you get a well-designed and fully functional website.

There are many other things that a developer should take care while redesigning a website. The most important thing is SEO. If website’s SEO is already done, then there will be a problem if redesigning is done without the help of an SEO person. So, a developer should make the plan, and take help of SEO consultant, so that there should not be any loophole from SEO perspective. If SEO is not done properly, then website redesigning will be in vain even if your design is better than the previous one.