Unlock The Value Of Responsive eLearning In The Workplace

Unlock The Value Of Responsive eLearning In The Workplace
Summary: It is now possible for everyone to connect to latest information and other people in ways that were unimaginable a short time back. Mobile technology increases expectations for enhanced productivity and faster task completion. It improves the teamwork and building strong relationships with other learners.

Responsive eLearning: Embracing New Ways Of Learning

Technological advancements have revolutionized the face of training. Today, technology is being used in different novel ways, from manufacturing to controlling home environment with smartphones and other mobile devices. Increasing use of smartphones and tablets have reshaped how learners access information anytime and anywhere. These mobile devices aid learners get the most from training programs without affecting the budgets. Consequently, eLearning becomes more relevant and self-paced than ever. Mobile learning is a trend that reflects learners’ requirements, is time saving and cost-effective, and engages the millennial workforce.

Changing Social And Workplace Expectations

The availability of mobile technologies for communication and collaboration has increased exponentially over the past few years. It is now possible for everyone to connect to latest information and other people in ways that were unimaginable a short while ago. Mobile technology increases expectations for enhanced productivity and faster task completion. It improves the opportunities for teamwork, collaboration, and building strong relationships with other learners.

Social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, along with mobile phone cameras, GPS tracking and other apps help everyone connect with colleagues and friends. You can learn a lot and share information about yourself and other topics. With the power of mLearning, potential for continuous learning is magnified.

Mobile Technologies For eLearning

In today’s digital era, training is not just sitting in a classroom or at a desktop machine. Professionals on the move might need the right content, at the right time, and at the right place. They require micro content, interaction with peers, as well as just-in-time support. With the help of robust learning management platforms, courses are created and uploaded, scores are given, and points or badges are rewarded.

Mobile learning technologies help to incorporate informal as well as formal learning to track learners’ performance. They are powerful tools that support social learning by including flexible performance support systems, tutorials, checklists, interactive videos, and microlearning. Few benefits of mobile technology are discussed below:

  • It empowers customized instruction, catering to specific needs of learners.
  • It helps organize real-time assessments to improve learners’ competency and knowledge level.
  • It builds a strong collaboration between learners and trainers. Learners take the leverage to learn at their own pace, while instructors can focus towards improving advanced problem-solving and learning skills among learners.

5 Mobile Apps To Use For Responsive eLearning In The Workplace

Let us know more about several mobile learning apps that both learners and trainers love to access:

1. Edmodo

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook do not provide privacy for discussions; Edmodo is used to bridge that gap by enabling instructors to work closely with learners, understanding their training needs.

2. Popplet

A visually appealing mobile app, Poppet is used to map out presentations that fit the needs of learners, providing the most effective and engaging learning experience.

3. Udemy

This tool is like an open source library that can be added on your eLearning courses. Trainers assign courses to learners followed by giving them assignments and tests to build their skills matrix.

4. StudyBlue

This tool is designed to make learning more effective for every learner. Using this tool, it is easier to create and share notes online, perfect for studying anytime and from anywhere.

5. TeacherKit

TeacherKit is used to take automatic backups on Dropbox, keeping data safe and secure. Instructors extract reports to track attendance, grades, and performance of learners.

Final Word

The reason mobile learning is so efficient, is because of its availability anytime and from anywhere. Undoubtedly, mobile technologies have become an integrated part of our daily lives. As the use of mobile devices increase, many organizations are making efforts towards creating a responsive eLearning platform to deliver training.

To deliver an engaging learning experience, trainers must use technologies that work impeccably over a wide range of platforms. Learners’ needs are multi-faceted, so should learning be too. It is important to harness new technologies to impart effective training solutions from the classroom to the web to mobile devices. While plethora of mLearning solutions are an extension to conventional eLearning methods, there is huge scope to create as well as deliver mobile learning that is suited to the platform as well as the needs of the learners.

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