eBook Release: Keys To Outsourcing A Results-Driven Curriculum

Free eBook: Keys To Outsourcing A Results-Driven Curriculum
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Summary: Every eLearning professional designing a curriculum wants it to have a clear goal tied to a well-articulated business problem, meet the needs of its target audience, and specify the most efficient set of experiences to meet the goal. They also want the tools to achieve all the above; this is what you’ll find in this volume, along with a five-step process and proposed activities that make it a must-read to deliver a results-driven curriculum.

Keys To Outsourcing A Results-Driven Curriculum

There are services and products that build up a process to guide you through, and Kineo's eBook is an iconic example for it. Here you’ll find many answers to questions like why you should start with the end in mind, how you can know your audience better, and what are the benefits of having well-defined performance goals and barriers.

Keys To Outsourcing A Results-Driven Curriculum
Discover the key process for creating effective learning solutions and curriculums that ensure your solution precisely meets the needs of the learners and achieves both organizational and business objectives.

This eBook by Kineo is leaving nothing to luck, giving you important insight into outsourcing a results-driven curriculum. If you follow the instructions you’ll read, you can ensure that your solution will meet the needs of your learners and achieve both organizational and business objectives.

About The eBook

Keys To Outsourcing A Results-Driven Curriculum is the beginning of a journey, with a road map that consists of a five-step process for the developing an eLearning solution. The information found here can safely lead you to create a functional project charter, get to know your audience better, define performance goals and barriers, surface solution constraints, and envision the learning experience. If you choose to take this road, you’ll always reach your destination providing your customers the knowledge needed and your organization the prosperity expected.

Here are the key chapters of the eBook:

  • Five Steps To A Results-Driven Curriculum
  • Create A Project Charter
  • Know Your Audience
  • Define The Performance Goals And Barriers
  • Surface Solution Constraints
  • Envision The Learning Experience
  • Design – The Never-Ending Story
  • Start Designing For Results At Your Organization

A swift and to-the-point introduction on the importance of the process for creating an eLearning curriculum is all that is needed to hit off with the five steps and come up with a result-driven curriculum. These begin with creating a clear project charter, making sure you know your audience, then defining the performance goals and barriers, surfacing solution constraints, and close with envisioning the learning experience. This is the outline of the content laid out in this edition.

Kineo name the project charter as essential, and motivate their clients to go beyond traditional practices. It’s not a straight road; but as soon as you find it, it leads you to solutions that meet organizational and business objectives. Set your goals, define what success is for every case, and the way you’ll measure the outcomes. You should then focus on getting to know your audience. You must develop your curriculum with your customers in mind, and there are many ways to do it – segmenting and personas are topping the list.

Next step according to Keys To Outsourcing A Results-Driven Curriculum is the definition of performance goals and barriers. Goals derive from the first and second step, and studying them together with the existent barriers is a prominent way to come up with possible solutions. What follows is a short but important step; to surface solution constraints. Do it now, to save time and money, or do it later. You may even end up rethinking your design approach. Leaving all these behind, you can now envision the learning experience. Kineo will not propose a certain approach, but they have a proven methodology. Beginning with the end in mind is a hint for all the valuable advice you can read in this chapter.

Now comes the time to turn all these ideas into reality and design the never-ending story. The 5-step process described in here paves the way for determining what parts of the curriculum you should deconstruct or reconstruct, if and when your organization’s requirements change. Keep in mind that effective learning should be continuous, so built your curriculum to last, adapt, and thrive. You can design results using the multi-faceted design strategy presented in this eBook and always know that you can turn to Kineo’s experience for specialized help in laying the foundation of a learning culture within your organization.

If you want to discover the best way to create a results-driven curriculum, download this eBook today.