10 Scary Realities Of Corporate eLearning [eBook Release]

10 Scary Realities Of Corporate eLearning [eBook Release]
Summary: This eBook features 10 terrifying design practices, as well as tips to break the L&D curse and fully engage your online learners.

What's More Frightening Than Missed eLearning Opportunities?

Forget about things that go bump in the night. eLearning Designers have more horrifying things to worry about, like learner boredom, cognitive overload, and extended seat time. Fortunately, this eBook is here to bring the most common eLearning terrors into the light and provide tips to avoid them at all costs.

eBook Release: 10 Scary Realities Of Corporate e-Learning
eBook Release
10 Scary Realities Of Corporate e-Learning
Discover 10 (unfortunately) common design practices that represent some of the scariest realities of corporate e-learning.

How The Terrifying Realities Of Corporate eLearning Haunt The L&D Experience

Many eLearning designers, understandably, turn to the tried-and-tested methods when it's time to create their online training experiences. However, some of the go-to strategies are no longer viable or, in extreme cases, hinder the learning experience as a whole. Maybe learners feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, or the chaotic design distracts them from the task at hand. A perfect example of this is converting legacy content without factoring in personalization. You might have saved time and money by doing a straightforward content conversion, but outdated resources and policies put a wrench in the works. Thereby, learners don't get the most from their experience because it's one-size-fits-all instead of custom-tailored.

That's where this eBook steps in to offer valuable insights. It may even challenge your eLearning assumptions and make you rethink your current design strategy.

About This eBook

Do you want to banish these ghastly eLearning terrors once and for all? Looking for new ways to liven up your design and enhance the immersion? Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll find inside this guide:

  • Uncover the unfortunate realities of corporate e-learning that hinder employee engagement and cause cognitive overload.
  • Discover insider tips to avoid these frightening corporate e-learning realities and maximize your L&D impact.
  • Learn how sound instructional design and an experienced e-learning solutions provider can help you steer clear of these haunting truths.


Download the eBook 10 Scary Realities Of Corporate e-Learning to uncover the haunting mistakes that every eLearning developer should avoid, as well as top tips to maximize your L&D impact.