5 Ways To Maximize ROI With Social Learning

5 Ways To Maximize ROI With Social Learning
Summary: Here is how social learning can help you maximize your Return On Investment.

Embracing The 70:20:10 Model With Social Learning: How To Maximize ROI With Social Learning

Chances are that you’re not delivering training to just one person, though if you are then we really admire your dedication to them!

With all of these learners working their way through your wonderful content, it’s only natural that they’ll want to be able to shout out about how amazing it is. Giving your learners the means to communicate and collaborate will let them discuss their learning and think about it in ways they may not even have considered.

eBook Release: How Online Learning Can Embrace The 70:20:10 Model
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How Online Learning Can Embrace The 70:20:10 Model
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But is it really worth enabling social learning? Well, actually it’s the perfect way to squeeze a lot more out of your training program, and get a soaring return on your investment! Here are a few of the ways social learning can maximize your return:

1. Build A Training Community

Did you know that your organization is packed full of Subject Matter Experts? Most of these are unsung heroes, and their expertise is going largely to waste… But with social learning you’ll be able to tap into this goldmine of knowledge, and share the wealth!

If John from Accounts wants to know more about the company’s lead generation efforts, he can simply strike up a conversation with Susie from Marketing. The perfect person to answer any question is always within reach, providing an endless scope for learning!

2. Get More Training For Your Buck

Once your training community is now a hive of activity, everyone will be able to learn from each other. But the real beauty is that they’ll be able to continue learning from each other even after they’ve run out of content to consume!

You’ll be able to keep your content creation costs at the same level, but it will spark discussions among your learners. This won’t cost you any extra, so even though your investment doesn’t increase, the return certainly will!

3. Slash Engagement Costs

So, your training community is up and running, and everyone is talking about your learning program. Well done!

With so much buzz around it, there’s no chance of people forgetting about your program anytime soon. This means you don’t need to spend as much time and money trying to drag learners back through engagement campaigns. So you minimize your investment while maximizing your return!

4. Make Training Stick Better

By enabling your learners to discuss their training, it will stick in their minds much more effectively. This means that they’ll be able to put it into practise in the workplace, and you’ll start to see a much greater return on your total investment!

5. Try A Social Learning Game

Social learning and games go together like strawberries and cream. In fact, an international study in 2009 found that people who play prosocial games go on to exhibit helpful behavior towards others back in the real world.

So if you can encourage people to play learning games together, you might just start to notice stronger bonds and teamwork forming around the office. And once your workforce is properly in sync, there’s nothing they won’t be able to accomplish!

If you want to know more about the countless benefits of social learning, download the free eBook Social Is Super: How Online Learning Can Embrace The 70:20:10 Model.

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