5 Steps For A Flawless Virtual Training

A Proven Process For Creating Virtual Training Solutions

Claiming that you can create great virtual training by following a few simple steps may sound like a bold statement. And yet, by putting together all their experience and know-how, Curious Lion has achieved just that. A refreshing read that gets straight to the point by offering practical advice that you can use from day one, I consider this to be one of the best guides on this topic.

eBook Release: 5 Steps For A Flawless Virtual Training
eBook Release
5 Steps For A Flawless Virtual Training
This eBook will help you achieve a flawless virtual training experience in 5 easy steps.

But what exactly is it that makes 5 Steps For A Flawless Virtual Training so good? Two words: passionate professionalism. When you write about something you know and love, you are able to make a difference. Andrew's team does exactly that, and the final result is amazing. What piqued my interest the most in this eBook is that it feels like a journey through different points of view that helps you end up with a well-rounded result that excels in every aspect.

About The eBook

5 Steps For A Flawless Virtual Training by Curious Lion is an excellent, step-by-step guide that will help you built the digital training solutions your team needs. The method it describes is easy to follow and really represents Curious Lion's philosophy. From page one, it is evident that this is a labor of love from people with immense know-how. The guidelines given by the author make sense, and it requires a minimum amount of external knowledge.

Identifying The Building Blocks Of Your Course

Starting with identifying the elements that will make up your course makes, of course, perfect sense. This chapter emphasizes the importance of asking a series of whys, commonly referred to as the 5 Whys; keep answering the question to drive at the heart of the content. It really helps with focusing on the core of the subjects you want to work with.

Outline Sections That Each Have A Distinct Learning Objective

The next important subject this eBook covers is how to separate your content into different sections. This way, you can make sure that each section has a single learning objective. This will help you make up your mind regarding your delivery format and media of choice.

Pick Your Media, Delivery Format, And Tone

This chapter of the eBook discusses the “blended approach.” This principle means that there is no single solution that can meet all the learning needs of your audience. Instead, use a combination of multimedia to transfer the knowledge you need that matches its style and type.

Storyboard Or Script: How You Are Going To Transfer Your Knowledge

This is the chapter with the most emphasis on creativity. I particularly enjoyed the elements of the story that are presented when they explain how to craft a narrative flow for your content. There is also mention of the applications of the cognitive theory for multimedia learning, and some amazing guidelines that will greatly improve your film making technique.

Consider How You Will Reinforce Learning After The Course

There is amazing potential in reinforcing learning, and doing it right after the course is the best way to achieve it.

Examples Of Great Virtual Training

Here you will find some examples of great virtual training that include a safety film from Virgin Atlantic, a blockchain explanation, the masterpiece of Ray Dalio "How The Economic Machine Works," and a comparison of the options of renting and buying.

Reference Material

The reference material covers various Instructional Design concepts, such as the required prior knowledge, pattern recognition, principles over facts, motivation, scaffolding, deliberate practice and retrieval, as well as spaced repetition. There is also a more in-depth analysis of the cognitive theory for multimedia learning that was mentioned earlier.


The eBook 5 Steps For A Flawless Virtual Training really shows the company's drive to help people reach their full potential. Andrew and his team understand the needs of today's market and have developed a process that makes sense and brings results. These steps are easy to follow and come with a thorough analysis of what to do and what to avoid. More importantly, the eBook does not simply dictate what you should do but rather explains why you should do it. The examples of successful virtual training the eBook gives are an amazing addition that brings everything together. The reference material included at the end is an interesting read. I would strongly suggest this eBook to everyone, especially those looking for a development partner.

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