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August 13, 2014

Responsive eLearning Design – Are we ready yet?

Please take a moment to think “do you really need a responsive eLearning design solution?” eLearning industry is driven by the principles of delivering eLearning courses to learn effectively. It has to be learner centric. With every eLearning course we create; it has to impactful, keep the learner’s attention and achieve the learning objective.
by Anand Timothy
July 16, 2014

What Type Of Video Should I Put In My eLearning?

The type of video you choose should match the learning objectives. For instance if the learning objective is, demonstrate asking open ended questions with customers ("How can I help you today?" as opposed to "Can I help you?"), a behavioral modeling video with questions asking the learner to choose a path is ideal.
by Chris Karel
July 11, 2014

Flow-control in eLearning. From here to where?

A critical piece in efficiency of an eLearning lesson or an eLearning course is the flow control. Do you let your learners choose their own path to learning - potentially missing out on key information in the process? Or do you dictate the steps- sacrificing flexibility for the visibility of the learning path?
by Garima Gupta
July 10, 2014

How To Bake An eLearning Course

It occurred to me that instructional design of an elearning course has similarities to baking a cake. What parallels can you think of? What elearning skills are required to go from home baker to professional pastry chef?
by Lorraine Minister