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March 5, 2019 | Sponsored

5 Virtual Reality Training Benefits HR Managers Should Know

Virtual Reality has applications that go beyond the world of gaming. In the HR realm, VR is proving to be an effective solution to some of its toughest challenges. Are you thinking about adopting VR into your HR solutions? In this article, learn 5 ways that VR training can improve your HR endeavors.
by Andrew Hughes
February 28, 2019

Rise Of The Super Chatbots

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence will continue to impact many aspects of our lives in a meaningful way, and chatbots will be juggling multiple roles and be pretty superb in tackling a wide variety of needs in our daily lives.
by Melissa SF Tham
February 23, 2019

The Future Of IoT In 2019

The future of IoT will keep evolving with changing time. Almost all innovations will have IoT attached to them. Let’s get prepared to see the fantasy of completely automatic urban communities work in coordination with one another.
by Parija Rangnekar
February 2, 2019

Why HTML5 Is The Future Of eLearning

For a long time, Flash was the gold-standard in producing eLearning courses. Although Flash is still an ever-popular mode of eLearning course creation, there is an ever-increasing wave of eLearning professionals who have chosen HTML5 as the new standard.
by Malay Mehrotra