Blended Learning Best Practices

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January 28, 2019

eBook Release – Blended Learning: A Proven Approach To Learning Development

With this edition, Obsidian Learning contributes to the blended learning canon. eLearning professionals can benefit greatly by tapping into the insight found in this eBook, especially those that are now beginning to work with blended learning. Take a close look on this up-and-coming eLearning concept from different angles such as purchasing software, designing courses, budgeting and managing programs, and using blended learning to improve your organization’s activity as a whole.
by Christopher Pappas
December 12, 2018 | Sponsored

The Impact Of A Blended Learning Approach

Blended learning takes the best of face-to-face and online training methods. When done right, it can benefit an organization’s training program in many ways, including expanding reach, increasing engagement, providing references, facilitating collaboration, and simplifying assessment processes.
by Marty Newey
November 14, 2018
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Revisiting A Fad: Tips And Facts On Blended Learning

While mixed reality, content curation, and user-generated learning are the topics of conversation today, this article revisits another topic that has faded without much fanfare – blended learning. Learn how to determine the right modality and mix to create a great program for your learners.
by Angel Green