Blended Learning Best Practices

Are you looking for Blended Learning Best Practices? Tips, models, benefits, advantages, strategies and all the information you need to discover how Blended Learning offers you the best of both worlds.

June 3, 2019 | Sponsored

Why Does Blended Learning Work?

Blended learning is a fine-tuned combination of onsite and online instruction that creates powerful learning experiences. Blended learning requires a wide range of instructional tools and methods and enables the instructor to deploy more tailor-made tactics for each specific learning objective.
by Chris Khouri
February 27, 2019

Creating A DIY Blended Learning Course

I am setting out to create a new blended course called "Young Person’s Guide to Project Management" for release in 2020. Rather than use an LMS, a DIY approach using great apps, quality recording equipment, and careful planning. This tutorial helps you create your own blended courseware.
by Ken Whitaker