Blended Learning Alternatives That Every School Should Be Looking At Now

Blended Learning Alternatives Schools Need To Know
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Summary: If complete a transformation to an eLearning setup is not feasible, then at least the schools should immediately think about blended learning alternatives.

Blended Learning Is The Need Of The Hour

School learning can be difficult at times and hence blended learning alternatives are a solution. Schools are shifting their learning orientation online, and as more and more schools go online, conventional teaching methods are not applicable anymore during this pandemic. Blended learning is a perfect approach for this, easing the transition for all by making learners slowly comfortable with both online and offline modes. It incorporates both learning modes, hence, new learners can get used to the offline mode, which is familiar to them, and then to the online method, which is a new domain for most of them.

The main challenge in blended learning is to create courses in "not so common areas" which will appeal to learners. Let us look at some of the most common problems of school teaching and how blended learning can help resolve some of the most common challenges that are faced due to offline classrooms and offline educational systems in general.

Economical And Logistical Challenges Of A Physical Classroom

Holding a physical class for learners who are spread out all over the world is a tough job, both financially and practically. Plus, since we are thinking global, we cannot keep the language restrained to just one, and hiring instructors who speak various native languages will be a big challenge; extra costs will also build up, like food and utilities.

Hence, you should use blended learning and include more digital classes rather than actual classes to impart knowledge, as it will be less resource-intensive. Social learning or peer-based learning techniques have also proved promising and should be used with blended learning. Hence, the ratio can be 70% online and 30% offline. This will help create the perfect combination for blended learning and facilitate the ideal environment for learners to study efficiently and effectively.

When The Subject Is Tough And Hard To Learn 

Not all subjects are easy for all, hence, not all students learn the material. However, kids, in general, have a habit of incorporating fun things easily. For example, what do you think learners will grasp more easily: learning a chapter from a boring history book or learning a new game? Without a doubt, the name game. Therefore, gamification is a concept that incorporates learning and fun together, creating a mixture of both. Hence, this is a very popular concept to use to tackle difficult subjects, making them easy for all to learn.

Blended learning can be used very efficiently to help increase learner retention. Thus for tough subjects, many challenges can be solved by using blended learning, as it is not only online, but offline as well, giving you the correct combination of both and allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Perfect Blend Of Skills And Knowledge

For the tasks that require both hands-on experiences and theoretical knowledge, the best approach is blended learning, where learners can experience hands-on training for technology in a safe environment. They can experiment and learn from their mistakes without any consequences. This knowledge will be beneficial for them when they will go to apply it in the real world, as they will already have experience in it, which gives them a better base than others to build upon. Hence, a mixture of both offline and online education for a topic can help learners get a better grasp of it. Thus, blended learning can be used to help learners have a better grasp of what they are studying and this will help to increase learner retention.

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