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January 22, 2018

How Data Transforms Learning And Development, Part 2: Google Analytics

Your learning platform likely gives you insights into which courses are being engaged with most and other metrics such as course completions, but there’s a whole host of information you’re probably missing out on if you stop there. There are dozens, if not hundreds of analytical tools you can embed into your platform. And while we don’t recommend embedding every single one, adding a tool like Google Analytics tracking will let you see how learners are really using your site and could be a real game-changer for your learning delivery. Here are 9 Google Analytics insights that will help you maximize your team’s work.
by Steve Lowenthal
December 5, 2017 | Sponsored

How Data Analytics Improves Your Corporate Training Experience

Data analytics in eLearning provides an ability to categorize learning elements using attributes and statistical tools to evaluate the mapping between these classifications & expected outputs. Let us consider an example of automated learning for content delivery, which is taken by adaptive systems.
by Sayan Guha