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February 28, 2016

10 Factors That Make eLearning The Future Of American Education

Technology has a massive sway over present educational trends with eLearning having the lion’s share in the scenario. Students of future America are sure to be tech savvy in their learning methods with more technological competence in educational and career prospects. Factors like increased computer applications, ease of learning, growth of MOOCs, productive learning atmosphere, and more employability chances attribute to eLearning being the future of American education.
by Chandan Singh Dev
January 4, 2016

Proposing A Blended Learning Approach For K12 Education

This article provides a description of how a fictional school system can benefit from implementing blended learning strategies and appropriate technologies in all grade levels. Additionally, specific examples, financial implications, and proposed action steps within the existing technology infrastructure and support will show the potential success integrating a blended learning environment into the current K12 public education program has on improving student achievement.
by Michael Higley
January 2, 2016

Staffing A K12 Online Course

Staffing responsibilities and hiring expectations for online learning environments vary greatly from that of traditional classroom environments. School leaders, counselors, and district level administrators are beginning to recognize the influence and power technology has on learning. Virtual learning programs have greater flexibility for meeting the needs of individual learners due to the frequent availability of web-based tools and resources. As learning institutions expand education offerings to include online learning components, administrators need to recognize the importance of providing a supporting faculty, who will be able to meet the needs of such a unique learning environment. Therefore, this article aims to address the considerations required to staff a K12 online course.
by Michael Higley