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December 9, 2014

Evaluate Your LMS: 6 Questions You Need To Answer

Is your current LMS carrying its weight, or is it time to start looking for another one? In this article I'll offer some tips that will help you to evaluate your current LMS in order to determine whether your current LMS is really the ideal solution for your learning and development needs.
by Christopher Pappas
October 22, 2014

Is Claroline Connect The First Real LMS?

Blogging, tagging, liking, sharing on Facebook, tweeting – social networking is second nature for today’s students. Over the last 10 years the web has steadily evolved, as have its educational applications. Claroline Connect is the first real Learning Management System, dedicated to the learning process rather than the teaching process. Opensource, responsive design and full mobile (with offline option), Claroline Connect is a real step ahead and not one more “2.0 look-alike LMS”.
by Pascal Balancier
November 4, 2013

Review Of Lectora Express – The Easy LMS

I recently got the chance to test out Lectora Express – The Easy LMS. This on-demand, online learning management system is the latest product to be released by Lectora. At the following review you will find how to begin with Lectora Express in 4 easy steps, 4 pros of Lectora Express, and finally 2 cons of Lectora Express.

by Christopher Pappas
October 8, 2013

Universities And Businesses: An Important Synergy

What will our world be like in ten years? Our research aims at defining an active pedagogy, and bringing together active learning environments. We aim to remap the ‘pedagogical’, and recognize that technologies such as cognitive technologies, or 'psycho-technology', mean to broaden horizons and break existing topographies.
by Valentina Piccioli
September 13, 2013

5 Essential Tools For Your LMS

Learning Management Systems are great tools, but at the end of the day, they're ultimately built for students, not trainers. Here's a five common components that we believe you should consider adding to your Learning Management System.
by John Peebles
August 26, 2013

Two Key Steps To Selecting And Loving Your First LMS

Would you believe that there are 329 steps you “should” take in order to find the best LMS for you? Certainly seems like it, right? What if I told you that in two steps you could be 99% sure you were selecting the right learning management system? Two steps to a system you loved!
by Jordan Barrish