Mobile Learning Benefits

What are the Mobile Learning Benefits? Accessibility, flexibility, higher retention and collaborative learning are some of the Mobile Learning Benefits. Find out more in our eLearning articles, written by the authors worldwide.

July 9, 2015

4 Reasons Why Mobile Learning Is A Smart Strategy

Mobile learning is a smart strategy. Think about this: what would a day without your smartphone be like? Are you feeling a little anxious… maybe wondering how you’ll check your email or look up the nearest 24-hour drug store when you run out of allergy medicine or check to see what the hipsters are posting on Instagram? Phew. Your phone is an essential part of everyday life—and your learners’ lives. That’s one reason why mLearning is a smart strategy for multiple industries, including the education realm and training departments all over the world.
by Christie Wroten
May 31, 2015

Why Blended Learning Still Ticks My Boxes

Mobile learning is not designed to be an educational tool that works in silo, but as a tool that complements other training measures such as classroom style training and virtual classes. By developing learning strategies that incorporate a wide variety of learning activities such as classroom instruction, virtual training, or mobile learning, companies can give staff greater, more flexible learning and improved performance support.
by Mark Rose
May 18, 2015

6 Benefits Of Using HTML5 In eLearning

HTML5 in eLearning is being touted as the wave of the future in the world of eLearning, but is it really able to stand up to the ever-popular Flash? Because it is the new standard, it’s essential for eLearning professionals to get on board and start using HTML5, in order to be able to collaborate with other pros and eLearning content developers. Businesses looking for online training deliverables will also be opting for HTML5 courses, instead of Flash, which means that they’ll inevitably be looking for eLearning professionals who are familiar with HTML5 tools. In this article, I’ll highlight 6 benefits of using HTML5, eLearning professionals should know.
by Christopher Pappas
February 27, 2015

Training and Responsive Design (Your Phone is Not a TV!)

It’s no secret that Bring Your Own Device is infiltrating our companies today. While it can lead to many benefits, it can also create headaches for your IT department. Besides security issues, there are responsive design elements that must be taken into consideration, especially for your training programs.
by Payton Sherry
February 16, 2015

BYOD: What Training Professionals Need to Know

According to TechTarget, “BYOD (bring your own device) is the increasing trend toward employee-owned devices within a business. Smartphones are the most common example but employees also take their own tablets, laptops and USB drives into the workplace.”
by Payton Sherry
February 14, 2015

Do You Have An App Strategy For Your eLearning Programs

Smartphones have become ubiquitous and it is extremely critical for the eLearning industry to adapt their curriculum to an app based pedagogy. While apps do come with their own set of problems and limitations, it is vital that we utilize them for the advantages that they offer while taking care of the limitations that may hinder the process.
by Kumar Venkatesiah
February 2, 2015

How To Undermine Your 1-to-1 Program... Without Really Trying

We’ve all read those articles on creating “good” 1-to-1 programs. But sure, while being good is, well, good, being devilish is sometimes downright fun. And how better to be mischievous and naughty than with technology, especially with something as comprehensive as a school or district wide 1-to-1 program? So if you are thinking about starting a 1-to-1 program—and want to channel your inner Voldemort (or maybe, more benignly, your inner Squirrel Nutkin) and create havoc in your incipient or future 1-to-1 program--this post offers 10 easy steps to get you started.
by Mary Burns