Mobile Learning Benefits

What are the Mobile Learning Benefits? Accessibility, flexibility, higher retention and collaborative learning are some of the Mobile Learning Benefits. Find out more in our eLearning articles, written by the authors worldwide.

June 2, 2016

3 Tried And True Ways To Master A New Skill

One advantage of being an adult learner in the 21st century is the access to new technologies, including mobile learning apps. mLearning options actually facilitate the kind of repetitive, bite-sized learning that adults need to acquire new knowledge and master a new skill.
by Peter Murphy
May 9, 2016

eLearning On The Go: The TalentLMS Mobile Story

It has become all too obvious that mobile is the way computing is happening and likely is going to continue to exist, even in the corporate world. TalentLMS has been aware of this for quite some time and adapted to these new needs with TalentLMS mobile in its usual fashion: With ease and style.
by John Laskaris
May 5, 2016

5 Ways Mobile Learning Helps Improve Study Habits

A recent study by McGraw-Hill Education shows that more students are turning to mobile devices to help them study. Most career advancement opportunities and educational programs rely heavily on exam performance, but there are many factors that hamper a person's ability to study effectively and pass those exams. Let's explore 5 ways in which mobile learning, or mLearning, helps improve study habits.
by Peter Murphy
April 27, 2016

Key Mobile Learning Trends For 2016

The use of handheld devices is rocketing and so is the power of internet connectivity. These two trends have a pronounced impact on mobile learning leading to a spectrum of mLearning trends. Take a peek at the top mobile learning trends to watch this year. ​
by Suresh Kochattil
April 23, 2016

5 Ways To Use Mobile Technology For Exam Prep

While some individuals may have a great deal of confidence in their ability to pass an examination with minimal study, most people want to prepare as best they can for an upcoming exam. For decades, the standard approach to exam prep was taking a classroom-based course or buying a book of sample exams. Eventually, computer-based preparation became the standard and paved the way for mobile learning options, which are very popular today.
by Peter Murphy
March 5, 2016

Getting Mobile Learning Right: 6 Best Practices

The delivery of learning has always been influenced by technical and media trends, but none have been as important as mobile technology. The fact that most people employed in an organization have access to “at least one” mobile device means that mobile learning is an important element for Learning and Development strategies.
by Sophie Chaffe