3 Opportunities In Enterprise Mobility In Corporate eLearning

Summary: Why the massive growth in mobile learning? This is for a number of reasons; one of them lies simply in the realm of efficiency.

The Rise Of Enterprise Mobility In Corporate eLearning

When we have a Learning Management System that is connected not only across its cloud-based enterprise architecture, but also across mobile devices in a real-time, live context, then the potential of an eLearning solution explodes to a whole other level. Suddenly, learners are able to establish and report on progress in real time, and Learning and Development leaders are able to gain visibility into that progress in real time. And, in the right system, it is all recorded and reportable, with real-time metrics that can be assessed and analyzed accordingly. Leaders in L&D have also caught on, and mobile delivery of learning has become the second largest technology priority in learning (41%), according to a recent Brandon Hall Group study:

Remember the days of paper-based systems? Remember when it would take ages to track and report on a learner’s journey of progress? Now, through technology, we can grasp where learners are at, and how they are doing, as they progress. That enables us to take proactive measures to ensure not only that our L&D programs are performing optimally, but also that our learners are comfortable, ready, and able to pursue their journey of ongoing learning with within the enterprise. However, organizations are hungry for new solutions, as revealed in another recent Brandon Hall Group learning technology study. Nearly 50% of organizations surveyed are looking into new learning technologies, and many organizations are dissatisfied with their existing learning technology – largely due to weak user experience and administrative experience.

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Mobile learning is not an option, it is a prerequisite for every corporate eLearning program.

Key Opportunities In Enterprise Mobility In Corporate eLearning

If your organization has not adopted a mobile model into its framework, that’s okay and it is not too late. Some key opportunities and attributes a mobile-forward company enjoys include:

1. Improved Velocity Of Knowledge Exchange

Without mobile learning advantages, it can take a while to get knowledge from subject matter experts (SMEs) to learners in the field. When the proper mobile learning solution is provided, learners are at a press or swipe or two away from the key knowledge they need to learn what they need to do. That velocity of knowledge exchange spreads with everyone who is interacting with that individual, and thereby exchanged that much more effortlessly across the organization. When knowledge exchange between peers or partners is limited by the LMS at hand, all parties lose and the outcomes they hoped to realize will be lost.

2. Availability Of Knowledge At The Point Of Need

Knowledge in a locked-up library doesn’t work unless a learner is proactively interested in what the need to learn. When knowledge is contained in a centralized repository and accessible electronically with a few keystrokes, it’s a different matter. When mobile learning is integrated directly into smartphone applications, learners are but an app and a few clicks away from the key lessons they need to know, right at the point of need.

3. Immediate Communication

In addition to simply accessing databases of knowledge, consider that connected smartphones also make it incredibly easy for us all to communicate with peers one-on-one or immediately, at the point of need, when we need information. This is only one of the examples where immediate communication is realized across mobile devices.

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