eLearning Books - The Ultimate List (2017 Update)

The Ultimate List of Free eLearning Books
Summary: This article highlights 74 eLearning books from the industry's top experts. The insight and advice offered by experienced eLearning professionals give you the opportunity to create winning deliverables for both private and professional learning audiences.

The Ultimate List Of eLearning Books

The hallmark of a successful eLearning professional is a constant thirst for knowledge, and always wanting to learn more about how and why learners acquire information. However, this constant pursuit of knowledge can often come with a hefty price tag, thanks to rising book costs. The good news is that there is a variety of eLearning books ideal for professionals involved in the eLearning industry, whether they are Instructional Designers, training managers, Learning and Development experts, and so on.

If you’re interested in all aspects of successful eLearning, in the updated eLearning Industry’s ultimate list of eLearning books you will find some great resources about: Corporate eLearning, eLearning Career, eLearning Content Development, eLearning Design and Development, eLearning Marketing, eLearning Outsourcing, eLearning project Management, eLearning Trends, Flash to HTML5, Gamification, Graphic Design, Learning Management Systems, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, Social learning, Training ROI, Video-based Learning, and Employee Engagement.

Let’s begin!

11 Corporate eLearning Books

1. Scalable Workforce Onboarding For Fast-Growing Brands By SchoolKeep

How onboarding can help you ramp new hires faster, more efficiently, and more cost effective than ever before.

2. Practical eLearning Translation Strategies For Global Training By CommLab India

Want to train your global workforce consistently and effectively? Translating your online courses is the optimal solution. How do you ensure your translated courses are accurate linguistically and subject-wise? How do you ensure they cater to the sensibilities of regional audiences? This eBook shares effective translation and localization strategies, the efficacy of human translators over machine translators, and more.

3. Designing Learning That Works: Using 70:20:10 Effectively By Docebo

Is the 70:20:10 learning methodology simply “old wine in new bottles” given that most L&D professionals think they already combine learning and work? The answer is no – by adopting a shift in mindset, introducing new roles, and gaining a solid understanding of 70:20:10, organizations can start learning and performing at the speed of business.

4. Embracing The Mobile Future: Aligning L&D With The Rise Of Enterprise Mobility In Corporate eLearning By Docebo

Mobile learning has transcended "trend" status and is now considered to be a best practice for corporate learning. Learn more about mobile learning and how to introduce a mobile learning strategy at your organization.

5. 10 Steps To Developing Goals And Metrics For Your Employee Training Program By BizLibrary

Goals and metrics are the wheels of any training program. Learn how to create goals for training and how to effectively measure progress!

6. Top 10 Essential Skills Every Employee Training Program Manager Needs Right Now By BizLibrary

Training managers are in the business of building skills and competencies, but what about their own? This workbook will help you identify critical skills that are important for the success of a training program.

7. Building A Business Case For Customer Training By Skilljar

If you tell your executive team you’d like to expand your customer training program, they’ll likely have some concerns. If you don’t know how to respond – and if you can’t provide them with specific, measurable results – don’t be surprised when the answer is no. Avoid this outcome by implementing the tips in this guide. Learn how to prove the value of your training program and tackle objections head-on.

8. How To Measure The Impact Of Employee Soft Skills Training By BizLibrary

We know great "people skills" when we see them. However, soft skills are not always easy to measure. Learn a methodology to measure the impact of your soft skills training program!

9. Training Companies At Work (An Exclusive Insight – 2017) By Administrate

Training Companies at Work is packed full of exclusive interviews with some of Administrate’s biggest customers. Giving you an insight into how they got started in the training industry, how they continue to be successful today, and how they use Administrate to help fuel that success, it’s a great chance to get a sneak peek into the lives of these training providers.

10. The Ultimate Guide To Successful eLearning Implementation At The Workplace By Learnnovators

A workplace eLearning initiative has the potential to become a humongous success, provided you hit the right notes. Find out more.

11. How To Create A Meaningful And Engaging Compliance Course By EI Design

Get insights on how you can infuse life into dull Compliance concepts and the approaches you can adopt to create engaging Compliance courses.

5 eLearning Career Books

12. How To Interview Temporary Talent For Learning And Development Positions: Finding The Best Fit For Your Needs By SweetRush Inc.

An important part of talent management, contingent labor can fill in for personal leave, handle rush projects, and address the need for capabilities you don’t have. You need someone who can hit the ground running, which makes the interview the most critical part of the hiring and assessment process: you need to ask the right questions so you’ll make the right choice. The SweetRush Talent Solutions team is excited to share its experience-based best practices for the interview process in this eBook.

13. How To Kick Start And Boost An Amazing Instructional Design Career By eLearning Industry

Are you interested in Instructional Design but don’t know where to start? Are you an Instructional Designer looking for inspiration? Do you know how to identify and secure your Instructional Design dream job? Do you know how to create an amazing Instructional Design portfolio? Are you sure you know the lingo needed to pave your way to professional success? Download our eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more!

14. How To Build A Successful eLearning Career By eLearning Industry

Are you interested in a career in eLearning but aren't sure where to start? Have you considered transitioning your current eLearning freelancing into something a bit more permanent? Do you get bored working in just one eLearning niche? You have the knowledge, but how do you get the clients? Download our eBook to find out all the answers you seek about how to build a successful eLearning career.

15. How To Become An eLearning Professional By eLearning Industry

In this eBook on How To Become An eLearning Professional, you will find hot eLearning tips, secret concepts, specific steps and insider information that will help you become a top-notch eLearning professional!

16. How To Become An Instructional Designer By eLearning Industry

You want to pursue a career in Instructional Design but you don’t know how to start? Are you already in charge of eLearning projects in your company but you lack theoretical background to ensure that what you are developing is effective in terms of learning? No matter if you hold a degree in Instructional Design or you have just practical knowledge after many years of experience in the field, read this eBook on How To Become an Instructional Designer.

5 eLearning Content Development Books

17. Modernize For Engagement: 5-Step Guide For Breathing Life Back Into Stale Content By Infopro Learning

With significant investments in content development, companies need to search for way to repurpose content across various learning programs. Not only will this increase the ROI, but it will also help increase engagement by modernizing the look and feel of courses to match changes in learner demographics.

18. How To Evaluate The Right Partner To Outsource Your eLearning Content Development By EI Design

Get insights on the aspects that you need to consider before venturing into an outsourcing initiative and tips on how you can evaluate your potential outsourcing partner and filter out the best.

19. Eliminate Nonessential Content By Patti Shank

In this eBook by Patti Shank, PhD, we concentrate on five critical tactics to remove unnecessary words and content in order to make it more learnable.

20. Is Outsourcing Of eLearning Content Development Right For You? By EI Design

Get insights on the benefits of outsourcing eLearning content development, the related challenges, and how you can ascertain if outsourcing would fetch you the required business gains.

21. Successful Custom eLearning Content Development by eLearning Industry

What are the most effective tips for custom eLearning content development? The best custom eLearning content development experts share their personal stories and anecdotes.

2 eLearning Design And Development Books

22. Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning By Docebo

No learner learns the same way, or at the same pace. Learn how developments in learning technology are making it possible to tap into the power of personalized learning.

23. The Agile Guide To Agile Development By InfoPro Learning

Today, learning experiences are work-embedded, social, and informal. They are flexible in terms of platform and schedule. Does your training meet these changing requirements? The answer is yes if you are Agile! Infopro Learning put together this guide to help other learning professionals harness the power of Agile development. The guide includes ten steps to help transition a team to Agile project management, and help you anticipate the most common reasons for failure faced by Agile teams.

3 eLearning Marketing Books

24. The Ultimate Guide To A Winning Content Marketing Strategy By eLearning Industry

Is it really possible to find new customers using online marketing methods? Can clickbait get your visitors to actually buy something and boost your conversion rates? Is a free-flowing funnel really the best approach to online marketing? What exactly is inbound marketing? Is account-based marketing really a smart move? Can you make Google’s search engine really work for you? Download our eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more!

25. The Definitive Guide To eLearning Press Releases By eLearning Industry

Download The Definitive Guide To eLearning Press Releases and start optimizing your Press Releases. A well-written release has the potential to be published by news outlets across the globe!

26. The Ultimate Guide To Promoting Your eLearning Event By eLearning Industry

eLearning Event Announcements have the potential to raise awareness about your upcoming function, boost attendance, and build your brand image. Make your next eLearning event a success by promoting it online!

3 eLearning Outsourcing Books

27. How To Evaluate The Right Partner To Outsource Your eLearning Content Development By EI Design

Get insights on the aspects that you need to consider before venturing into an outsourcing initiative and tips on how you can evaluate your potential outsourcing partner and filter out the best.

28. Is Outsourcing Of eLearning Content Development Right For You? By EI Design

Get insights on the benefits of outsourcing eLearning content development, the related challenges, and how you can ascertain if outsourcing would fetch you the required business gains.

29. The Ultimate Guide To eLearning Outsourcing By eLearning Industry

Have you been considering whether it is more cost-efficient to tackle the task in-house or outsource it? Have you tried hard at eLearning course development, but you're still not achieving the desired results? How can you make sure that you stay on budget and make the most of your existing online training resources? Finding an eLearning outsourcing content provider who meets all your needs can be a difficult undertaking.

1 eLearning Project Management Book

30. Top Tips To eLearning Project Management And Planning By eLearning Industry

Are you interested in being an eLearning Project Manager but aren’t sure what the role entails? How exactly do you plan a successful eLearning project from day one? How important is the eLearning team, and what characteristics does it need to embody? Do you know what it takes to create a realistic eLearning budget? How exactly do you define your eLearning project goals? Download our eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more!

2 eLearning Trends Books

31. 2017 Anatomy Of A Trend eBook By AllenComm

Trends don’t just create opportunities for themselves, there must already be a recognized need into which a specific trend can be plugged. Each of the six trends we’re discussing this year in our new eBook is targeted at getting the learner to invest in the experience. That could be by respecting their time, making the learning more accessible, demonstrating the relevance to their job, or a combination of the three.

32. eLearning Trends And Predictions For 2017 By EI Design

Get a comprehensive view of the hottest eLearning trends and predictions on approaches that are likely to have an impact on the industry in 2017.

1 Flash To HTML5 Book

33. Flash To HTML5 - Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration By EI Design

Get insights on the aspects that you need to watch out for to assess your organization’s readiness to adopt HTML5 and tips to help you achieve better results as you convert Flash courses to HTML5.

5 Gamification Books

34. How Gamification Is Reshaping Corporate Training – Featuring 10 examples By EI Design

Usage of Gamification for corporate training (particularly for serious learning, that is, meeting specific learning outcomes) is more than a buzz today. This eBook provides several insights on the usage of Gamification for serious learning and how you can use it for your diverse corporate training needs to increase employee engagement and boost performance.

35. Why You Should Adopt Gamification For Corporate Training By EI Design

Get insights on how gamification impacts corporate learning and how you can integrate gamification with social learning and microlearning to multiply the impact manifold.

36. What Is Gamification And How Can It Enhance Corporate Training By EI Design

Get insights on the concept of gamification, the benefits it offers for corporate training, whether it truly helps learners, whether it can demonstrate a clear gain for business, and how you can use it in your organization for varied training needs.

37. How Gamification Can Increase The Impact Of Your Compliance Training By EI Design

Get insights on how can you use gamification in compliance courses, the kind of learning impact a gamification creates which is not possible through traditional approaches, and how you can use partial gamification to uplift the traditional approach for Compliance.

38. How Gamification Reshapes Learning By eLearning Industry

In this How Gamification Reshapes Learning eBook, you will find useful information about gamification, its applications, and impact on the reshaping of learning, provided by 23 gamification professionals.

2 Graphic Design Books

39. The Ultimate Guide To eLearning Infographics By eLearning Industry

Do you struggle with balancing written eLearning content with pictures? Do you wish you could incorporate both and make learning fun again? How can you be sure that your eLearning infographics are meeting the evolving needs of your online learners? What should you look for when choosing an eLearning Infographic template? Do eLearning Infographics really improve knowledge retention? Download our eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more!

40. eLearning Templates From A To Z By eLearning Industry

You might have great eLearning content, but is it being overshadowed by outdated eLearning templates? Wondering how to develop reusable eLearning templates from scratch? Do you know the essential elements of an effective eLearning template? Are you making the most out of your existing eLearning templates? Can they really enhance the effectiveness of your eLearning course? Download our eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more!

14 Learning Management Systems Books

41. SharePoint Workflows And Version Control For Learning Managers By ShareKnowledge

The value that SharePoint’s built-in workflows and versioning facilities offer in the face of L&D challenges.

42. The Complete LMS Buying Guide For SMBs By eLearning Industry, Sponsored By SchoolKeep

It can seem hard to know where to start when it comes to selecting the right LMS for your business. With over 500 LMSs on the market, all with different feature sets and value propositions, it’s never been more important to do your homework before buying software. Unlike other software categories such as Marketing Automation (HubSpot) or CRM (Salesforce), we have yet to see a clear LMS market leader emerge. The market is highly fragmented, which makes it particularly difficult for you (the buyer), to understand what the “best” options out there are. That’s why we decided to assemble this comprehensive guide.

43. Adaptive Learning: The Key To Cultivating a Successful Workforce By Docebo

Best-in-class companies and industry leaders are strained to develop internal talent to meet emerging business needs. Companies using adaptive analytics (and using their LMS as more than a content repository) are more likely to increase learner engagement and adoption.

(Created by Aberdeen Group, licensed for distribution by Docebo)

44. Building The Business Case For Learning Technology Systems By Docebo

This report focuses on why companies need to rethink their learning technology decisions and help organizations understand what type of learning management system is required to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the learning audience. (Created by Brandon Hall Group, licensed for Distribution by Docebo)

45. Beyond LMS: How An All-In-One Training Management Platform Can Benefit Your Business By Administrate

Investing in a new piece of software always requires a lot of time and research to make sure you’re making the right decision and picking the perfect product for your team and your business as a whole. This eBook is designed to make the decision-making process a lot easier by showing you all the different elements you should consider when embarking on your training management platform buying journey.

46. Extended Enterprise Learning: Increase Revenue By Enabling Partners, Customers, And Other Learning Audiences By Docebo

There are plenty of benefits to extending learning to your partners, customers, etc., but how can you actually get started with extended enterprise learning? Download this paper to find out!

47. The Critical Importance Of Learner Experience In eLearning By Docebo

An L&D program is only as effective as a user’s capacity to actually use the LMS software that supports the L&D program. Download this paper to learn how to improve your learner experience.

48. Engaging Learners By Revolutionizing User Experience: How A Great Learner Experience Is The Holy Grail Of An LMS By Docebo

The holy grail of an LMS is the user experience. Download this paper to learn how to revolutionize your learner experience to make learners love your LMS.

49. What Everybody Ought To Know About Choosing An LMS By ShareKnowledge

A step-by-step guide to choosing the most beneficial LMS for your needs.

50. LMS Buyer’s Kit: How To Quickly Find The Best Learning Management System For Your Organization By Expertus

Choosing an LMS that optimally supports your learning organization’s needs (and budget!) can be a tricky, time-consuming process. That’s why we developed this LMS Buyer’s Kit. With everything from LMS rankings and case studies to an LMS RFP template and selection guide, it puts you on the fast track to choosing the best learning management system for your company.

51. LMS Reporting And Measurement For Online Training By Administrate

At Administrate, we think reporting for a training company is extremely important. You need to be able to pull exactly the data you need, at any time, and produce a relevant and useable report, which can help you make business decisions for the future. To reflect this we’ve pulled together some of our favourite posts we’ve produced on reporting and measurement for online training, all in one handy eBook!

52. LMS Project Toolkit By Docebo

You know a Learning Management System is a big investment for enterprises. You know your organization would benefit from investing in an LMS, but you have to gain internal buy-in from your company’s key decision makers. This LMS Project toolkit has everything you need to help you gain executive buy-in more efficiently.

53. The Ultimate Guide To Find The Ideal LMS For Small And Medium Businesses (SMBs) By eLearning Industry

Are you in the market for a Learning Management System, but don’t even know where to begin? Which LMS features will benefit your small to medium-sized business and ensure online training success? Which SMB Learning Management Systems is best for your limited eLearning budget? Do the benefits justify the investment? Using a new SMB Learning Management System can revolutionize the way you train your employees.

54. Successful Learning Management System Implementation By eLearning Industry

The eBook Successful Learning Management System Implementation offers you a glimpse into the minds of Top Learning Management System Experts who are here to help!

6 Microlearning Books

55. Microlearning: How Can You Create Macro Impact With Micro Nuggets By EI Design

Gain insights on what is microlearning and why this approach should be a significant part of your learning strategy. See how you can incorporate it in your training to offset challenges of dwindling attention spans and distractions, plus see a positive impact on your ROI. Through several examples, see how you can use microlearning-based learning approach for your varied corporate training needs including Formal training as well as for Performance Support (just-in-time learning aids).

56. The Complete Guide To Microlearning And Learning Reinforcement By BizLibrary

70% of what employees learn in formal training programs is forgotten one day after the training is completed. Don't let your employee training investment and hard work go to waste!

57. Microlearning: A Beginner’s Guide To Powerful Corporate Training By CommLab India

Want to offer short learning bytes that employees can access at the point of need, in the field or at the customer's office? Explore how microlearning - the latest training paradigm - will let you all this and more.

58. Why You Should Adopt Microlearning Based Training By EI Design

Get insights on how you can use the “less is more” approach to train your workforce and create effective sticky learning that can convert a forgetting curve into a retention curve.

59. Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results By Empowering Learners By AllenComm

Although the concept of breaking up training into smaller pieces has been around for some time, microlearning has become increasingly relevant as technology changes the way we learn and work. This eBook will help you understand how modern microlearning works, whether it’s right for you, ways it can be incorporated throughout the learning lifecycle, and examples of how other companies have used microlearning.

60. 7 Steps To Subscription Learning By GamEffective

Approaching learners as "subscribers" improves knowledge retention for employees and managers. Subscription learning uses spaced learning, spaced repetition and micro learning to create a powerful eLearning tool.

5 Mobile Learning Books

61. Embracing The Mobile Future: Aligning L&D With The Rise Of Enterprise Mobility In Corporate eLearning By Docebo

Mobile learning has transcended "trend" status and is now considered to be a best practice for corporate learning. Learn more about mobile learning and how to introduce a mobile learning strategy at your organization.

62. Shifting To Mobile: 6 Easy Steps For Moving To Mobile Learning By Practi

Learning professionals will enjoy discovering how simple and easy it is to incorporate mobile devices into their training delivery, as well as specific ways they can use mobile learning to help their team acquire and retain information faster and in a more engaging way. This eBook will help you discover six easy steps that you as a learning professional can take to start delivering independent learning to your team and save precious time and money when you move from classroom to mobile, lecture-free learning.

63. Mobile Learning: Let’s Not Phone It In! By Upside Learning

When we consider implementing mobility, organisations tend to be at different levels of comfort and adaptation. This eBook is meant for training professionals and enterprises along a spectrum: from those considering mobility for the first time, to those who have already implemented such training interventions and are considering improving their effectiveness. The eBook distils Upside Learning’s 13 years of experience through 9 informative cases.

64. Mobile Learning And The Future Of L&D By Growth Engineering

Is your training ready to meet the changing needs of your learners? Find out why mobile is so important and how you can use it in your training initiatives.

65. Mobile Learning For Corporate Training - The Unanswered Questions By PulseLearning

If you are considering Mobile Learning for Corporate Training, then this eBook from PulseLearning is an informative resource to get you moving.

2 Social Learning Books

66. How Can You Leverage On Social Learning For Corporate Training By EI Design

Gain insight on how you can incorporate social learning into your learning strategy and ensure quantifiable gains for the employees as well as the business. Learn how to integrate social learning as a significant part of your corporate training. Through a case study see how you can leverage on social learning to enhance the impact of your corporate training. Additionally, see how you can combine social learning and microlearning to double the impact on learning.

67. Why You Should Adopt Social Learning By EI Design

Get insights on how social learning helps foster collaboration, enhance existing learning strategies, and step up the overall learning experience.

2 Training ROI Books

68. How You Can Measure The Learning Effectiveness Of eLearning Courses And Create A Positive ROI By EI Design

Get insights on how you can predict, evaluate, and validate the learnability or learning effectiveness of eLearning courses.

69. ROI On Training - How Can You Measure It And Maximise It By EI Design

Get answers to questions on justifying your training spend and ways to measure and maximize your ROI on training.

2 Video-Based Learning Books

70. How To Use Interactive Videos For Learner Engagement And Supercharge Your Online Training By EI Design

Get insights on how interactive videos can increase the learning impact manifold and the techniques you can use to make interactive videos work wonders for you.

71. Learning@Videos - Charting The Evolution, Success & Growing Popularity Of Video-based Learning By G-Cube Solutions

Videos provide an easy, effective, and cost friendly way of learning that is not only here to stay, but to grow phenomenally over the next few years! Read on to understand the evolution and future of video-based learning.

3 Employee Engagement Books

72. Overcoming Business Challenges: Employee Turnover By BizLibrary

Employee turnover is a universal issue for nearly every company, regardless of size or industry. Learn how to start reducing turnover today!

73. Engaging Millennials In The Workplace – Tips And Learning Strategies That Work By EI Design

Get insights on Millennials’ traits, what interests them, what puts them off, what their learning styles and preferences are, and how you can help them enjoy their learning and apply that learning on the job.

74. The Definitive Guide To Employee Engagement By BizLibrary

Learn how to engage and motivate the employees you work so hard to develop!

With this list of eLearning books on-hand, you can tap into the invaluable experience and expertise offered by top eLearning experts. Best of all, they can all be downloaded quickly and conveniently.