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December 15, 2016

4 Effective Strategies To Engage eLearners

In order to be competitive, training strategies and environments can’t be merely functional, they have to be engaging. What are the training strategies that will make that personal connection and effectively focus and engage eLearners? Here are 4 learning strategies to consider.
by Keith Gibson
November 21, 2016

Finding The Right Remix In Modern Blended Learning

With the explosion of technological possibilities, the definition of blended learning has expanded to include synchronous and asynchronous learning occurring on a variety of devices from phones and tablets to desktops. With so many possibilities, how do you keep training focused, coherent, and productive? Here is how to find the right remix for your modern blended learning program.
by Jayme Jenkins
November 20, 2016

Training Gen Z: 5 Myths Busted

Gen Z, who? The eLearning industry is a buzz with strategies for training Millennials and helping them cope with the changing business environment. This leaves Gen Z gaping in the face of the future… wondering how it will fit into the workforce. What about training Gen Z, which is set to account for 20 % of working adults by the year 2020?
by Vivek Bhide
July 2, 2016

K12 Computer Science: Coding Starts From Your Imagination

School-based computer science is often non-existent or fails to engage students. However, people who earn a living in computer science argue that imagination and creativity ignited their interest in coding. This article highlights ways to engage students and foster creativity in the K12 Computer Science (CS) classroom.
by Jason Rukman
June 25, 2016

“eLearning And Chill?” – How To Engage Modern Learners

In a world of smartphones, apps, gamers, and that dreaded term “Millennials”, how can Learning and Development keep up? With the average learner now having an attention span of eight seconds, the challenge is to find effective ways to be able to engage the audience. So, how can digital learning help solve this problem and engage modern learners?
by Nick Ramsay