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April 28, 2019
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Digital Natives Or Digital Immigrants?

The terms “digital native” and “digital immigrant” are invented by Marc Prensky. He proclaimed that digital natives and digital immigrants perceive and use technology in different ways as well as in learning. The differences between these individuals are addressed in this article.
by Lay Kee Ch’ng
April 17, 2019

Get More With Less: Why Digital Learning Offers Better Scalability And More Savings Than Traditional Training?

Digital learning, online training, corporate eLearning, the learning methodology of the present and the future is known by many names. But one thing’s for sure; this learning methodology is much better than traditional classroom training. And if you don’t believe the numerous global organizations that have transitioned from traditional training to digital learning, let us change your mind with facts and stats.
by Debadrita Sengupta
February 28, 2019

Rise Of The Super Chatbots

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence will continue to impact many aspects of our lives in a meaningful way, and chatbots will be juggling multiple roles and be pretty superb in tackling a wide variety of needs in our daily lives.
by Melissa SF Tham