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January 29, 2018

9 Ways To Improve Your Enterprise Learning Experience Through YouTube Videos

The utilization of IT resources via Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets have changed the way enterprises get things done. From how we shop and what to buy, to the way we learn and convey information, everything is evolving. Corporate training that could only occur in the physical realm is now online through Learning Management Systems (LMSs), through personalized mobile devices, and an automated learning approach.
by Anubha Goel
January 28, 2018

6 Tips To Successfully Narrating Your DIY Video Lesson

Video lessons are extremely popular in the eLearning community, but a bad narration could make or break your presentation. When attempting a do-it-yourself video narration, having the right tools is crucial. Use the following tips on to pull off a successful video voice-over.
by Alec Sears