Video Production Best Practices

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May 4, 2018

6 Steps For Successful Corporate Training Video Production

Training videos engage learners on an emotional level, resulting in improved learning retention. If you’ve decided video is an appropriate learning mode for your audience, how do you start the process of creating one? Here’s an essential checklist for successful corporate training video production.
by Andy Schiemo
April 13, 2018

3 Different Types Of Online Training Videos

Videos are an important component of courses, especially for MOOCs and SPOCs. They help empower learners by allowing them to pause, forward or rewind videos to match their pace. Yet, there are many ways to structure and produce a course, depending on your resources (both human and financial) and your goals.
by Corentin Sannié
January 28, 2018

6 Tips To Successfully Narrating Your DIY Video Lesson

Video lessons are extremely popular in the eLearning community, but a bad narration could make or break your presentation. When attempting a do-it-yourself video narration, having the right tools is crucial. Use the following tips on to pull off a successful video voice-over.
by Alec Sears