The Power Of PowerPoint In eLearning

PowerPoint is an application which has widely influenced business people, educators, students, and trainers, and is among the most primitive forms of teaching with technology. Even though it’s not free or available as open source, this effective pedagogical tool still remains popular in the classroom, presentations, teaching, student projects, for reviews, and for online training such as storyboarding your eLearning course and/or as an eLearning authoring tool.
The Power Of PowerPoint In eLearning

PowerPoint set an industry standard in early ages of digitized education and training. The tool has optimized learning from both instructor and a learner perspective. Even after 2 decades, it continues to be the most popular or firsthand authoring tool for education and training. A staggering 95% of presentation market share is still dominated by PowerPoint. It is proven be very effective for disseminating information. The cultural impact created by this application has touched an entire generation of education. It increased the ability to make a structural presentation for more effective learner retention.

PowerPoint as an educational technology

PowerPoint as an educational technology not only improves learners' attitudes toward the instructor and course presentation. It also creates an interest for learning and in addition, enhances short-term memory depending on the topic under discussion and even long-term memory in some instances. It is usually considered that learners in the PowerPoint presentation perceive the instructor as more prepared. However poor vs. well-designed presentation may affect learners' learning and attitudes. PowerPoint in an educational setting can inculcate collaboration and teamwork. This is an excellent way to train subject matter in many fields of study. It worths mentioning, that PowerPoint is a fantastic tool for outlining, or storyboarding, your e-Learning courses as well as that PowerPoint can be used as an eLearning Authoring Tool.Also, the use of PowerPoint in school and college projects has inspired one entire generation with creativity and improving their confidence. The visual impact of flowcharts, graphs, schematics to make presentation have converted the rawest information into effective learning activity. PowerPoint has definitely killed chalkboard. The ability of portable file to be easily copied, maintained, transferred and printed as improved the speed of information transfer.

With great power comes a great responsibility

PowerPoint is no exception to this. It’s still on debate for 2 decades on how effective can the PowerPoint be if used in a negative perspective.

  • The presence of irrelevant information
  • Negligence of student-teacher participation while a presentation
  • Boredom

Although the first two points can be fixed by reviewing the presentation in prior and communicating with learners, only an instructor can fix the boredom. Thanks to technology it could not replicate an interesting instructor or trainer so far. PowerPoint can give information, but an instructor can lend a hand, or an ear, and discern what's necessary for a learner to succeed.

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