7 Things That Motivate And Inspire Corporate Learners

7 Things That Motivate And Inspire Corporate Learners
Summary: What drives your employees to reach their true potential and actively engage in the online training process? The answer can help you create more personalized online training courses that improve ROI and workplace efficiency. In this article, I'll share the top 7 things that drive your employees to do their best in online training. 

How To Motivate And Inspire Corporate Learners

Do your employees look forward to online training courses? Or would they rather book an appointment for a root canal? Online training doesn't have to be dread-worthy. But you have to know where your corporate learners' motivations lie. This allows you to create online training experiences that are custom tailored to their needs. Here are the top 7 things that engage and inspire corporate learners to perform at their peak in online training.

1. Public Recognition

Everybody needs a pat on the back from time to time. Online training is no exception. In fact, public recognition is one of their primary sources of motivation. They like to put their accomplishments on display and receive personalized praise. As such, you should consider certificates, leaderboards, and other gamification elements. This gives top performers the opportunity to show off their expertise. However, those who are struggling are also motivated to improve so that they can make it to the top. Bear in mind that there is a caveat to public recognition in online training. Certain employees don’t like to be in the spotlight. For these individuals, one-on-one feedback and praise is the ideal solution.

2. Social Interaction

Social interaction allows employees to share experiences with their peers and exchange valuable information. However, online training can be lonely, especially for geographically dispersed employees. The good news is that you can integrate social learning opportunities into your online training program. For example, online forums and social media groups that allow them to ask questions and discuss important topics.

3. Learning Goal Achievement

Employees are more likely to start the race when they can see the finish line. Reaching their learning goals fuels their motivation, as it gives them something to set their sights on. However, larger learning goals should be broken into smaller milestones that are easier to manage. You should also survey your employees to learn as much as you can about their personal goals and objectives. This allows you to create a personalized online training strategy that gives them the tools and online resources they require. In addition, incorporate a progress bar or a checklist into your online training course design. These elements give employees a visual indication of how far they've come and where they are headed. Lastly, achieving a goal inspires them to tackle the next milestone and overcome online training obstacles. Employees who are struggling get the nudge they need, while those who excel can maintain their motivation.

4. Active Involvement Within The Organization

Employees need to know that their voices are heard and their input matters. This empowers them and gives them the sense they are part of something bigger. They are no longer just an employee, but a valued member of your corporate team. Conduct focus groups, interviews, and polls to gather their feedback. Let them know that your organization has an open communication policy. They have the power to provide recommendations and suggestions for future online training courses. Another option is hosting webinars where employees can express their concerns and provide direct input. Just make sure to schedule these events well in advance to boost attendance. Also, record the webinar for staff members who aren't able to make the live event.

5. Exciting And Enlightening Online Training Experiences

Ultimately, your staff is looking for the perfect blend of enlightenment and entertainment. They know that they have to develop their skills and proficiency. But they don't want to endure long, boring online training courses to get there. Therefore, you need to grab their attention, form an emotional connection, and focus on the information they require. Include visually appealing images and music that creates a sense of excitement. Use a conversational tone so that they can relate to the subject matter. Above all else, concentrate on the key takeaways and omit extraneous online training content. Your employees are distracted and pressed for time. Thus, they need online training courses that are clear, concise, and to-the-point.

6. Personal Development

Every member of your staff has one thing in common. They all want to grow as individuals and hone their professional knowledge. This allows them to unlock opportunities. Thus, employees always have one very important question in mind: What's in it for me? How is this online training course going to help them achieve their goals and fill personal gaps? To facilitate personal development, you must identify their needs. For example, conduct pre-assessments to determine individual performance gaps or areas for improvement.

7. Incentives

When all is said and done, everyone is motivated by incentives. It doesn't even have to be tangible rewards, such as gift cards. Sometimes all it takes is eLearning badges or points to improve employee engagement. One of the most effective ways to incentivize your online training is to add gamification elements. However, it's crucial to choose the right game mechanics for the occasion. For example, leaderboards are ideal for employees who enjoy friendly competition. While introverted corporate learners may prefer a more asynchronous approach, such as eLearning badges or other rewards. They have the opportunity to earn another incentive each time they complete an online training course or pass an assessment.

Are you giving your corporate learners the motivation and inspiration they need to achieve their potential? These 7 tips can help you facilitate their success and foster professional development. So, get your employees involved, make it social, and create memorable online training courses that grab their attention. That is the secret to online training inspiration.

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