8 Tips To Create An eLearning Resume That Wows Potential Employers

8 Tips To Create An eLearning Resume That Wows Potential Employers
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Summary: Does your eLearning resume have that wow-factor? Or is it the only thing standing in the way of landing your dream job? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to develop an eLearning resume that leaves potential employers in awe.

How To Create An eLearning Resume That Wows Potential Employers

Resumes offer hiring managers a glimpse into your professional background and expertise. They may not get the complete picture. However, it does give them enough information to pique their interest and arrange an interview. Since you’re applying for a job that is tech-centered, it’s only fitting that you develop an online version of your winning eLearning resume. In addition to the printed copy for quick reference, of course. Here are 8 helpful tips to create an eLearning resume that potential employers will never forget.

1. Develop Different Resumes For Different eLearning Niches

Generic eLearning resumes are a pet peeve for many hiring managers. They prefer to see eLearning resumes that are custom tailored to the specific industry or position. As such, you may want to develop different resumes for different eLearning niches. You can mention specific skills, work experiences, and qualifications based on the job requirements. Potential employers are able to quickly determine if you have the talents they’re looking for without having to request additional information.

2. Create An Eye-Catching Layout

One of the most notable advantages of an eLearning resume is visual appeal. It can reflect your eLearning expertise and personality so that employers get a true sense of who you are. Just make certain that it still maintains a professional look and feel. Include graphics, borders, and other non-obtrusive elements that enhance the aesthetics. You can also choose themes that pertain to your eLearning niche to make it even more individualized. Hiring managers will take notice of subtle icons or images that tie into the job description.

3. Incorporate Multimedia

A virtual eLearning resume unlocks a world of interactive opportunities. You can include video presentations that highlight your talents or a slideshow of relevant past works to emphasize the breadth of your experience. There’s even the option to include links to external resources, such as eLearning courses that you helped to create, or articles you have published on notable sites. Try to avoid auto-play multimedia. Instead, give viewers the ability to control playback, as some may not be thrilled by the idea of a background track blaring through their headphones unexpectedly. Keep it subtle and voluntary to prevent annoying the hiring manager.

4. Link Skills To Real-World Applications

Skills are only valuable if you know how to use them in real-world situations. Employers are looking for candidates who have the talents they need and can apply them in the workplace. Therefore, your eLearning resume must tie all your experiences and expertise to practical applications. Provide examples on how each skill or ability links to the job position. For example, your leadership experience will help you collaborate with your team and manage deadlines.

5. Save Time With A Template

Whether you opt for a traditional printed resume or an online version, templates can save you a significant amount of time. You’re able to reuse these templates for every job application after making a few minor adjustments, such as swapping out skills and job experience to suit the requirements. You may even be able to find free resume templates online or simply repurpose a website/blogging template to create an eLearning resume that’s interactive and engaging. Alternatively, create your own template that includes placeholders. Simply add text and images to customize each eLearning resume when it’s time to apply.

6. Include A Contact Form And Social Media Links

In the case of a printed eLearning resume, it’s crucial to include your email address, phone number, and URL. However, online eLearning resumes allow you to interact with your potential employers with the click of a button. They can visit your social media page or fill out a contact form to request an interview. An added benefit of online eLearning resumes is that you can update your contact info more frequently. For example, the employer may keep your printed copy on file. However, the email address or phone number is out of date by the time they touch bases. Your virtual eLearning resume always includes current social media links and email addresses. Thus, you won’t miss out on a valuable opportunity when employers are ready to reach out.

7. Review It With Fresh Eyes

You most likely spent a great deal of time on your eLearning resume. After proofreading it for the third time, you’ve probably grown weary of reading about your own eLearning skills and talents. Put it aside for a day or two and then review it again. Better still, ask someone else to edit it so that they can offer their input. For example, they may devise a better way to showcase your work history. At the very least, they can spot grammar mistakes that you missed on previous revision rounds.

8. De-Clutter Your eLearning Portfolio

A carefully crafted eLearning resume should be accompanied by an amazing eLearning portfolio. Potential employers will be so wowed by your eLearning resume that they’ll want to learn more about your talents. An eLearning portfolio gives them the opportunity to explore your work samples and references. It also serves as a showcase for your unique skill sets. Namely, your ability to write error-free copy and create a stunning layout. The same rule applies to the eLearning resume, itself. Remove any unnecessary text or visuals that distract potential employers from your key qualifications. You want to wow them with your design skills, but your experience and knowledge should still take center stage.

Your eLearning resume offers potential employers a first impression of your talents and abilities. Does your current eLearning resume accurately reflect your professional expertise? Does it compel hiring managers to schedule a follow-up interview? If not, use this article to craft an eLearning resume that puts your best foot forward and wins over employers.

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