6 Tips To Measure Employee Engagement With An SMB Learning Management System

5 Tips To Measure Employee Engagement With An SMB Learning Management System
Summary: You invest plenty of resources into your online training program. But are they really achieving the desired results? Here are 6 simple ways to gauge employee engagement through your SMB Learning Management System.

How To Measure Employee Engagement With An SMB Learning Management System

Developing a comprehensive online training program in a Learning Management System is only part of the equation. You need to ensure that your employees are actually engrossed in the online training materials. Ensuring that your employees are actually absorbing the information might seem difficult at first. However, there are some great SMB Learning Management System features that can help you out. Read on to learn how to measure and track employee engagement through your SMB Learning Management System.

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1. Develop eLearning Assessments

eLearning assessment is a great way to find out how much an employee has learned. Many SMB Learning Management Systems have built-in ways to track progress. Quizzes are a quick and easy way for both you and your corporate learners to know how much information they have absorbed. If too many employees have done poorly on a particular quiz, you may want to refine the entire online training module. You will also be able to easily find which employees are rising stars within your organization.

Getting all of this information on demand can be incredibly helpful in your day-to-day business operations. However, it's important to focus on the need-to-know information in order to collect actionable data. For example, concentrate on specific performance behaviors or knowledge gaps that impact employees on a daily basis. Start by showing your employees what the critical takeaways from each online training module should be. Then use your SMB Learning Management System to help you assess and track employee engagement over time.

2. Integrate Social Elements

Want to know what your employees think about your online training program? Just ask. Incorporating social components into your SMB Learning Management System can go a long way. This is especially true if your workforce is decentralized. When your employees do not have a chance to interact with you or with each other in person, it can cause a rift. Getting everyone on the same page is important, and with a good SMB Learning Management System this is achievable. You will also be able to get a sense of which employees are the most passionate about their work. Take note of which employees are posting and interacting most often to get a solid sense of engagement. It will help you identify which employees might need additional support, as well. Stay on top of employee engagement by perusing their social interaction patterns regularly.

3. Create Some Light Competition

There are some cost-effective ways to get your employees to feel more motivated to complete their online training. One thing you can do is create digital incentives for employees who strive to do their best. Certain SMB Learning Management Systems come with ways to track employee progress in specific categories. For example, you can monitor which employee scores the highest on all online quizzes, or the one who contributes the most via social posts. Then, you can assign real-world rewards to help encourage employees to do well. The secret is giving employees a reason to stay engaged and gradually improve their skills and knowledge base. If there are no repercussions for lackluster performance, then online training will become devalued. You work so hard to create online training, make sure that your efforts are respected.

4. Online Training Certifications

Another great way to track employee engagement through your SMB Learning Management System is to integrate an online training certification program. Employees must complete the prerequisites in order to earn their online training certificates. LMS reports indicate which staff members have obtained the necessary certifications and who is falling behind and may require additional support. This particular training approach also allows you to keep up with compliance procedures. For instance, you can provide online training certification records in the event of an audit.

5. Built-In Course Reviews

Many SMB Learning Management Systems feature built-in course reviews. Employees have the power to rate online training courses they've completed and leave brief feedback notes. As such, you can determine the effectiveness of each online training resource. Encourage your staff to leave a review at the end of the online training course for the benefit of their peers. Other employees can use these reviews to identify which online training course is right for their needs while your organization is able to use eLearning feedback to continually monitor and increase employee engagement. Take it a step further by inviting a select group of reviewers to participate in an online discussion. For example, employees who gave the online training course a 1-star rating. This enables you to explore the reasons behind the low scores so as to identify areas for improvement.

6 . Tell Employees Why It's Important

You need to show employees that training is important for their roles. Make the information in your online training program valuable and relevant. Then check your LMS reports often to see how everyone is progressing. You might even consider small incentives, even if it is just a digital scoreboard of top performers that will boost employee engagement. The most passionate and engaged employees will quickly show themselves. Reward these shining stars for their efforts, and encourage underperformers to try harder.

Measuring employee engagement using these 6 methods will help you identify areas for improvement. Tweak any online training module that seems to be giving your employees trouble or constantly returning low quiz scores. Keep in mind that utilizing your SMB Learning Management System to boost employee performance requires effort on your part. However, you will absolutely see returns on this time investment if you stay focused on providing high-quality online training.

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