7 Must-Have Features For Your SMB Learning Management System

7 Must-Have Features For Your SMB Learning Management System
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Summary: Does your SMB Learning Management System have what it takes to ensure online training success? Here are 7 features you absolutely need in your SMB Learning Management System.

7 Features Your SMB Learning Management System Should Have

There are a lot of different Learning Management Systems out there these days. So, how can you possibly choose the one that will work best for your small to medium-sized business? While each Learning Management System is unique, they are not all created with the same core features. Here are 7 critical features that you need to make sure your SMB Learning Management System has before you sign on the dotted line.

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1. Tracking And Analytics

You need to know that employees are getting the training done. Tracking is the simplest way to monitor their progress and performance. SMB Learning Management Systems give you the ability to access reports on their individual status. You won't have to simply assume they have completed the necessary training. You will actually know it is being done and that it's up to par. Sometimes online training needs to happen outside of typical office hours. Having a tracking feature can also help you track which employees are on top of their online training, even if they are thousands of miles away meeting with a client.

2. Customizability

This is your online training course, and no one else’s. You want it to reflect your business’ unique look and feel. This means having a branded online training course that is distinct and aligns with your brand messaging. Your employees should log into it and immediately see a reflection of your company’s image. If the online training course looks generic or lackluster they may assume it includes general knowledge and glosses over things. Find an SMB Learning Management System that falls in line with your brand, and your employees will take notice.

3. Responsive

On-demand online training needs to be flexible and adapt to your employees’ needs. While they might have access to a standard computer at work, they might not at home. Give your employees the freedom to train using technology that they use on a daily basis. In the modern business world, a lot of employees have a smartphone, tablet, or wearable device. A good SMB Learning Management System must be responsive and give employees freedom of choice to access the online training material from any device they have available.

4. Notifications

Employees get busy and training can often fall to the wayside. Training is important, but when stacked on top of work deadlines and pressing project tasks, it might be forgotten. You should set deadlines for employees to complete their online training. The SMB Learning Management System should then enforce these deadlines by giving employees helpful reminders. These notifications can help them to stay on track with their online training. It can also cut down on excuses that they weren’t aware that an online training assignment was due on a certain date. Notifications can also be incredibly helpful when you make adjustments to online training content or add new modules. If your employees need a yearly refresher, the SMB Learning Management System should be able to inform them. That way, everyone is current on the latest information.

5. Built-In Online Assessment Tools

This feature should go beyond simple quizzes. You need to be able to create complex online tests that will tell you if the employee is ready to advance. This is especially true if they are attempting to earn a critical certification. Testing your employees will help you know if they are actually assimilating the information. Sometimes people think they can zone out and breeze through online training. This isn’t acceptable, and their scores will reflect the lack of dedication. These online training assessments let you know if your online training is working, as well. If too many people score below average on certain online training modules, you might need to find a better way to present the information.

6. Supports Diverse Online Training Content

Every employee is different and they all have unique learning preferences. The SMB Learning Management System you choose should allow for such differences, that is to present the information in multiple formats. You should be able to get creative with your online training content and help your employees enjoy learning by offering them alternative formats of the online training material.

7. User-Friendly Interface

We have all encountered computer programs that just aren't intuitive. When you run across something like that, it is easy to tune the information out and disconnect on an emotional level. The SMB Learning Management System should be helpful and create a space where your employees can learn easily. If they have to wade through endless menus or dig for incomplete online training modules they will get frustrated. Instead, the LMS platform should be inviting and simple to use. Anything else will get you sub-par results.

These 7 features will help you build online training that your employees will find memorable, relatable, and intuitive. Additionally, you will be able to tell where they are in the learning process. You may not know if your favorite SMB Learning Management System will meet your needs until you really start using it. That is why it is a good idea to find an SMB Learning Management System that allows you to take it for a test drive. Some of the most popular LMSs give you access for a certain period of time to see if you like them. If you are not sure about it, it is always a good idea to get a free trial before you buy the full SMB Learning Management System.

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