7 Tips To Use Online Directories For VR Training Companies

Online Directories For VR Training Companies
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Summary: Do you think VR training is out of your price bracket? Hiring an eLearning outsourcing partner can help you reduce costs and speed up the development timeline. In this article, I share 7 tips to choose the best eLearning outsourcing company using an online directory.

Immersive Learning Outsourcing

Many organizations assume that Virtual Reality training is too involved for their team and that they need specialized tools and niche experience to deploy immersive learning activities. While that’s true to some extent, you can also opt for eLearning content outsourcing to eliminate software costs and expedite your rollout schedule. Their expertise and insights can help you achieve the desired outcomes without going over budget. The key is choosing the ideal eLearning content provider who understands your needs, expectations, and financial constraints. Use these 7 tips to find the right VR training company with the help of an exclusive online directory.

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1. Create Evaluation Criteria

How do you know which VR training companies have what it takes to earn a spot in your expense sheet? Carefully defined evaluation criteria help you choose the best eLearning outsourcing partner in your pricing bracket and niche. First, you need to clarify your online training objectives, goals, and existing pain points. As well as any standout skills or talents the eLearning vendor must have to deliver maximum value for money. For example, you need an eLearning content provider that has all the essential tools and resources. They must also complete the corporate eLearning project on a tight time frame to meet compliance requirements.

2. Look For eLearning Vendors That Specialize In Mixed Reality

Of course, VR training companies must also have experience with VR and AR technologies to achieve online training objectives. It’s best to choose an eLearning vendor that specializes in both, as each Mixed Reality approach has its unique advantages. How long have they been in the industry? Does their portfolio include a broad range of projects? Do they have any references? Dive into their professional track record to establish their level of expertise and VR training talents.

3. Evaluate Their Industry Experience

There is a number of eLearning outsourcing partners who specialize in VR training. They know the ins and outs of eLearning content development and gadget specs. However, they may not be familiar with your industry’s common challenges or goals. For example, employees must be able to perform certain tasks and the VR training company must be aware of the risks involved. Which mistakes are employees likely to make and how can the VR simulation help them improve proficiency?

4. Read User Reviews

What do past clients think about the VR training company’s work ethic, quality of work, and skills? Evaluate reviews but don’t rely solely on the positive and negative ends of the spectrum. For example, one reviewer might sing their praises while another nitpicks everything the eLearning vendor did or didn’t do. Read all the reviews to identify patterns then base your decision on the big picture. Do multiple reviewers cite a lack of experience? What about the eLearning outsourcing partner’s value for money or responsiveness?

5. Assess Their Solutions List

Most immersive learning content providers don’t just specialize in VR training. They offer a variety of online training solutions ranging from social learning to gamification design. Assess their complete list to find an eLearning vendor who meets your current and future online training needs. Are you looking for VR training companies that also provide microlearning and JIT support? Do you want to include subtitles or translations? These are all things to consider when choosing your next eLearning outsourcing partner so that you don’t have to vet eLearning vendors all over again. Let’s face it, the selection process can be stressful. But finding a company that covers everything from online webinars to leaderboards saves you the trouble.

6. Dive Into The Overall Rating

Reviews should also include ratings that sum up the main selling points. From achieved results to the quality of service. It is by no means a comprehensive overview of their work practices or industry experience. However, it does help you distinguish the top VR training companies from the rest. Especially if they have a high satisfaction score and multiple users would recommend them. The reviewer should also have a similar use case to your own. For instance, they have a similar staff size and are in your sector. Their insights are more beneficial because the eLearning vendor would be working in similar conditions or constraints if you hired them. For example, they would have to create a VR training simulation for the sales industry or localize online training content for your global team.

7. Consider The Pros And Cons

Every eLearning vendor, even the most experienced ones with stellar online reviews, has an Achilles’ heel. Maybe they fall short in the communication department or always deliver a bit late. This is why you must weigh all their pros and cons before making any final decisions. User reviews in the online directory also include a recap of what the user liked best and least about their experience with VR training companies. If multiple clients mention poor customer service or quality of work, then it’s probably a common issue with that partner and you may want to rethink their spot on your shortlist. Also, you must factor in your priorities and requirements to determine if a con is even an issue. For instance, you may not be in a rush so slower delivery times aren’t a problem. You’re more focused on their quality and communication.

Outsourcing may not be right for every company, for example, for those who already have the essential tools, in-house experience, and reusable assets. However, even organizations that meet all these requirements can still benefit from an eLearning outsourcing partner if they’re in a tight time frame. Or they simply want to improve resource allocation and free up your L&D team for other tasks like monitoring online training progress, offering support, and creating online training content for your JIT library.

A Mixed Reality training strategy doesn’t have to drain your organization’s resources or make you go over budget. Download the eBook Real World Minus The Risks: How To Implement Immersive Learning For Actual L&D Success, and discover how you can benefit from incorporating immersive learning into your online training program. Provide an engaging training experience and boost your employees’ confidence with a Mixed Reality training solution.