'Tis The Season To Be Learning: 7 L&D Revelations In Classic Holiday Films

'Tis The Season To Be Learning: 7 L&D Revelations In Classic Holiday Films
Summary: Which classic holiday films can help us learn more about L&D best practices and eLearning development strategies?

7 Things L&D Pros Can Learn From Classic Holiday Films

The taste of eggnog, the smell of balsam fir drifting through the air, and the crackling of the fire. These are all things synonymous with the holiday season. However, no Christmas would be complete without a yuletide classic to teach us about eLearning development and what it means to craft the perfect training experience, right? So, without further ado, here are 7 revelations that we can all take away from classic holiday films.

1. A Little Perseverance Goes A Long Way

There are few things more heartwarming than a man running around in tights guzzling down gallons of maple syrup and gathering random bits of chewed bubble gum off the street. Elf teaches us that you can achieve anything with a little imagination and perseverance. Engaging your corporate learners and designing memorable eLearning experiences (even ones that have to do with compliance) are no exceptions.

2. Every Project Needs A Cheermeister

Though a certain green cynic didn't buy into the whole Christmas idea at first, The Grinch showed us the importance of having a holiday Cheermeister to raise everyone's spirits. Forget about pudding tasting or donning an over-the-top sweater; a real Cheermeister keeps everyone on task, motivates their team, and does everything in their power to make the development project a resounding success.

3. Don't Let The Ghost Of Christmas Past Interfere With The Present

The old classic, A Christmas Carol, was full of life lessons. However, we're going to get a bit more abstract with this one for our purposes. Never let past mistakes or negative experiences get in the way of your current L&D initiatives. Ebenezer was haunted by failed relationships (among other things), and it impacted how he perceived the world. In the case of L&D, it's always wise to reflect on and learn from past errors but also to treat every new project as an opportunity to make things even better.

4. There's Nothing That A Little TLC Won't Fix

Who can forget that sad little sapling in A Charlie Brown Christmas? It's a reminder that with a little love, thought, and care, we can transform anything, even an outdated course, into something amazing. A bit of thinking outside the box and seeing hidden potential also doesn't hurt.

5. Trying To Get A Turbo-Man Is Only Half The Journey

 Jingle All the Way centers on a father trying to get a coveted toy for his son. There are a lot of valuable lessons to be learned from this one, starting with not forgetting to get your kid the gift they've been desperately wanting unless you want to potentially have your car stripped and have to dress up like a superhero in the holiday parade. However, this time around, we're focusing on the fact that the destination isn't everything. Getting a Turbo-Man might have been the original idea, and he went to great lengths to make it happen, but Howard Langston and his family learn that it's not about getting or giving gifts. In the case of L&D, it's the thought that counts, and you have the opportunity to discover a lot about yourself and your learners with every new project, even ones that have trials and tribulations.

6. Planning Is Paramount

Home Alone is the story of a little boy who wishes that his family would just disappear. Little did he know that a series of events would grant him that wish (sort of) and he'd be left to his own devices during the holidays. However, when two bandits try to break in, he devises an elaborate plan to show them who's boss. Planning is crucial in the world of L&D. It all starts with a needs analysis to spot the gaps (AKA points of entry in the McCallister home) and continues long after trainees complete the course in the form of feedback and assessment.

7. Never Stop Believing

You can only hear the magic bell if you truly believe in the spirit of Christmas. That was one of the primary messages in Polar Express. That, and know-it-alls who try to make others feel small can expect "stupid underwear" wrapped up under the tree. Believe in your own abilities as an L&D pro, in your team's talents, and that your efforts are going to achieve the desired results. Virtually anything can happen if you're dedicated and have a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Wrapping Up (Pun Intended)

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. But it's also a great opportunity to reflect with a big bowl of popcorn and some hot cocoa as you watch these classic holiday films. Another way to unwind and soak up some fresh insights in between the festivities is to check out The Future Of Work Report 2022: Culture Trends And What Employees Want, which delves into the dynamics between leadership and employees when it comes to company culture.