Top 10 Free GoToMeeting Alternatives

Top 10 Free GoToMeeting Alternatives
Summary: In this article, I'll share the top 10 free GoToMeeting alternatives. Whether you're looking for a platform that can give you the ability to chat one-on-one with co-workers halfway around the globe, or to hold a webinar for a wider audience, these Free Web Conferencing Tools are definitely worth considering.

Free GoToMeeting Alternatives

GoToMeeting can be an invaluable video conferencing tool for eLearning professionals. You can host an online event with up to 25 or 100 attendees, and work with other members of your team to remotely design and develop eLearning deliverables. GoToMeeting does involve a monthly fee though, which means that smaller scale projects may not find room in their budget for this online meeting app. However, there are a variety of Free GoToMeeting alternatives to use and can still offer you the chance to hold free virtual events and collaborate with colleagues to create powerful educational experiences. The following list is in alphabetical order. Enjoy, and in case you know a free alternative to GoToMeeting that is not included in this list, please leave a comment and I will add it.

  1. AnyMeeting
    AnyMeeting gives you the ability to invite up to 200 participants, with no time limits. You can hold unlimited meetings, host events that feature 6 way video conferencing, share screens, and send personal meeting URLs to attendees. Sign up for the service via the site and download AnyMeeting to create webinars and live meetings. The only downside to their free plan is that it is ad supported. However, you do have access to free online quiz and survey creation, as well as PayPal integration, which are two useful features that very few free online meeting programs offer.
  2. CliqMeet
    There is no download or install required, and you don't even need to register if you opt for the free features. You simply create a free account and invite your team members or end users to your conference call or live event. The free plan allows you to invite up to 3 participants in private meeting mode and a 20-minute recording. CliqMeet offers HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording. You can also link the program to other interactive apps, such as whiteboard, YouTube, or even polls to get invaluable feedback.
  3. Google Hangouts
    No list of free alternatives to GoToMeeting would be complete without mentioning Google Hangouts. In addition to a wide range of other invaluable Google apps, Google Hangouts now offers you the ability to hold video chats with up to 10 participants, and record conversations for later viewing. Just create a Google profile to get started, and enjoy unlimited conference calls with co-workers and virtual learners.
  4. Hall
    Easy and convenient to use, this program allows you to chat with your team members, with no limits on how many participants you can invite. Just create a log in ID, download the app, which is also available for mobile devices, and start group chatting and sharing files remotely. Hall is free for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone operating systems. The free plan also gives you unlimited integrations, as well as unlimited groups.
  5. gives you the opportunity to hold online meetings and gain access to your collaborator's computer remotely, all without having to sign up or download any software. To start online conference calls, simply visit the site and send your code to participants. They will access your virtual meeting by typing the code on the web page. You can invite up to 10 users and share your screen with them to conduct tutorials and demos.
  6. Mikogo
    Hold online meetings and virtual training events live through the Mikogo browser, no downloads or installations needed. Sign up for the free account on the site and start chatting with learners or colleagues. The program also works on mobile devices, and offers session recording, whiteboard, and file transfer features. Note that the free version allows you to invite up to 3 participants. So, if you're planning on holding webinars, you may want to upgrade to one of the paid plans or go with one of the other free GoToMeeting alternatives.
  7. OnWebinar
    Ideal for webinars, conference calls, and virtual meetings, this program gives you the opportunity to collaborate with team members and offer live tutorials remotely. The site hosts and schedules webinars, and boasts whiteboard, file sharing, and slide show capabilities. Simply download, unzip, and install the software onto your computer to begin crating online events.
  8. TeamViewer
    This program gives you the ability to access any computer remotely, so that you can walk them through tasks and processes in real time. It also offers VoIP and webcam features, making it ideal for conference calls and webinars. The software allows up to 25 participants, and works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Download TeamViewer for free to start creating live tutorials or online events within a matter of minutes.
  9. Twiddla
    Web based online meeting program that doesn't require any downloads or installs. You can browse the web with collaborators, share images, and hold conference calls for free. With their free download plan you can create and attend meetings and hold voice chats.
  10. Voxeet
    This online meeting program features virtual conference rooms, easy scheduling, and a user friendly set up. Download Voxeet for free to conduct high quality conference calls and webinars on any device. Once you've signed up all you need to do is import your contacts and invite them to chat. There aren't any dial-ins or PIN numbers required, which means that both you and your attendees can collaborate quickly and conveniently.

These free GoToMeeting alternatives offer free voice calls, video chats, and/or conferencing capabilities that can help you to communicate with your learners or team members effectively and conveniently. Better communication means better results. So, why not try one of them today to transform any eLearning deliverable into a collaborative, entertaining, and informative experience for your eLearning audience?

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